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Qingdao Modern Hailin Heavy Industry Co.,ltd.
·Ergonomic lift relieves back strain in order picking applications ·Linde:Lithium-ion batteries on the advance ·Toyota Material Handling Europe records 2 IFOY nominations ·IFOY Award 2016: Jungheinrich Has Three Vehicles in Final Round ·IFOY AWARD 2016: the nominees are … 
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Background of the Interview: Shanghai Gather-power Industry Co., Ltd., a stock joint company, is specialized in manufacturing material handling equipm...
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·CeMAT Asia 2010 Opened at Shanghai New Inte...
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·The 6th Guangzhou International Brand Forkl...
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·CITA Held the 2009 Annual Meeting in Shangh...
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Dalong CPD10SX Counterbalanced Electri
Dalong DCQD15/20 Electric Reach Truck
Dalong DL2 Electric High Level Order P
Dalong QD-2000 Electric Tractor
Dalong CTY 1.0-1.5T Hand Stacker
Dalong CTD Series 0.5-1.0T Electric St
Dalong CPD Series 0.5-1T Electric Coun
Dalong CPD-1.0/2.5SB Pedestrian Electr
Dalong CPD Series 1T Electric Counter
Dalong CDSD Series 1-1.5T Semi Electri
Dalong CDDVI12/15 Full Electric Side D
Dalong CDD Series 1.2-1.5T Full Electr
Dalong CDD Series 1.2-1.5T Full Electr
Dalong CDD Series 1.2-1.5T Full Electr
Dalong CDD Series 1.2-1.5T Full Electr
Dalong CDD Series 1.2-1.5T Full Electr
Dalong CBY Series 1.5-2.5T Hand Pallet
Dalong CBD Series 2T Electric Pallet T
Dalong CBD Series 1-2T Electric Pallet
Dalong CBD Series 1.2-2T Electric Pall
Rotary Bucket Type
Rotary Holding Type
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Counter Balanced Truck
Diesel | Gasoline | LPG | Duel Fuel Fuel Cell | Three Wheel Electric
Four Wheel Electric
Pallet Truck
Hand | Pedestrian | Stand-on-board Stand-on | Weighing Hand | Side
| High Lift Hand
Hand | Pedestrian Semi-electric
Full Electric | Pedestrian Full
Stand-on Full | Pedestrian Full
Electric Reach Stac

Reach Truck
Side Drive | Stand-on | Sit-on
Order Picker
Medium & Low Level | High Level
Electric | Simplified | Horizontal
Narrow Aisle Truck
High Level Man-down | High Level
| Sit-on Very Narrow Ais
Straddle-leg Truck
Electric Straddle-leg | Diesel
| Hand Mechanic

Platform Truck
Electric | Electric Platform Stacker

Side Loading Forklift
Diesel | Electric Multiway
| Diesel Multiway
Explosion Proof Truck
Electric | Diesel | Explosion Proof Tractor
Hand Truck
Manual Platform Truck | Hand Scissor Hydraulic Lift Table | Manual Hydraulic Stacker | Hand Truck | Hand Scissor Platform Truck
Drum Truck
Hydraulic | Simplified Single | Electric
Mechanic | Special | Hydraulic Multi
Euro | American | Special
Special Forklift
Rough Terrain | Telehandler | Diesel Container Handler Counter Ba | Special Forklift for Steel Roll | Diesel Container Reach-Stacker | Wood Catch Special
Special Forklift for Paper | Special Forklift for Stone | Bulk Material Tiltering Truck
Special Forklift for Plates
Wood Clamp Special | Truck Amounted
Electric | Diesel
Photoelectric | Electromagnetic
Gantry Crane
Mobile | Fixed
Industrial | Civil
Other Truck
Robot | Air Cushion Truck | Automaic Stack Machine | Army Use Forklift
Mineral Truck

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·Linde Forklift Truck Corp., Ltd.
·Shanghai Gather power Industry Co.,
·Shanghai Hyster Forklift Manufactur
·Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai)
·Anhui Heli Co.,Ltd.
·Jungheinrich Lift Truck (Shanghai)C
·Crown Lift Trucks Commercial (Shang
·Qingdao Modern Hailin Heavy Industr
·Zhejiang Goodsense Forklift Co., Lt
·Lonking (Shanghai) Forklift Co., Lt
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