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Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd was founded in 1985. The company is a Sino- Germany joint venture; state level high tech enterprise; provincial level competent center. The company mainly manufactures a series of forklifts, including electric trucks, electric stackers, anti-explosion products, hand pallet trucks, load binders and other electric and mechanical products for export. The company totally occupies 115000 square meters which includes 96000 square meters building space, its total assets is RMB350M, sales revenue in 2011 reached RMB776M, with 20% annual increase, domestic sales reached RMB170M, with 13% annual increase, accounting for 22% of total sales. The company has 1030 staff, including 307 engineers and technicians. 89 staff has senior or medium level professional certificates. The company’s Xilin brand hydraulic pallet truck had been standing in front among competitors in China in terms of production and sales volume as well as in quality. Xilin brand enjoys fame all over 145 countries and regions.

Since 2011 Xilin brand had been named “Famous trade mark in China”; “Famous trade mark in Zhejiang Province”; many Xilin brand products are listed into the state torch plan; awarded with provincial level and municipal level scientific and technology progress prize; named “Famous brand product in China”; “Famous brand product in Zhejiang province”; “Famous brand product for export in Zhejiang province”; the company is named “famous enterprise in Zhejiang province”; and “key enterprise of equipment manufacturing in Ningbo”; “the first green enterprise in Zhejiang province”; “top 100 enterprise in Zhejiang province”; “enterprise with harmony labor relation in Zhejiang province”; “state level advanced enterprise in exporting electric and mechanical products”; state level “stick to contract enterprise”; “state torch plan high tech enterprise” and so on so forth.

In Nov. 1991 the hydraulic pallet truck passed the safety test by Germany TUV company and became the first in china who achieved the “S” and “CE” certificates; in Nov. 2002 the company became the first among competitors in passing ISO9001 quality system; ISO14000 environment system and OHSAS18001 professional health safety system and obtained the relevant certificates; the company’s competent center is provincial level with 26 years experiences in the manufacturing and research and development of material handling trucks; the company is proud of 39 patents.

The company set up sales network as well as after sales service network nationwide and worldwide. The Xilin brand has ben registered in 65 countries and regions.

The board chairman Mr. Chu JiWang is “national brilliant retired veteran” and had been interviewed by Jiang Zemin; Li Peng; Hu Jintao and other state or Party leader. He was awarded “national brilliant township entrepreneur” in 1999; was awarded “China charity prize” in 2005; was awarded “lifetime contribution prize” in industrial vehicles in 2009; was awarded “Brilliant private enterprise entrepreneur in China in 2011. In 2009 Ningbo Ruyi Company was named “Outstanding contribution in charity in China”. Mr. Chu JiWang visited abroad twice with Chairman Hu Jintao; six times with premier Wen Jiabao and once with vice chairman Xi Jinping.

“Whatever pursuit is always getting achievement and whatever desire is always satisfied.” The board chairman Mr. Chu JiWang is keen at charity. Until Aug. 2011 Ningbo Ruyi company contributed RMB85 million altogether to public welfare, fire control, schools, masses in trouble, Wenchuan earchquake, Yushu earthquake, Zhouqu disaster and charity association and so on. He was awarded “charity prize in China”; “charity contribution prize in Zhejiang province”; “charity model in Ningbo”; and was listed on the HuRun charity list among Zhejiang businessmen. He is good at writing and is a member of the writers association in Zhejiang province. He had published 〈To deal with foreign businessmen〉; 〈love affair and making business〉; 〈culture and business〉; 〈Wind and cloud in business trips〉; 〈Calligraphy by 100 monks---poems by Mr. Chu JiWang〉 etc, with 10 books of roughly 2 million characters.

The kernel of the brand is Ruyi’s culture. Ruyi distributes Ruyi culture to each staff and each customer by monthly Ruyi’s newspaper. The Xilin brand is Ruyi's flag: integrity, characteristic of the company and products combines together to form an integrated Ruyi brand.

“Innovation in science and technology; innovation in management; innovation in culture” are the driving force for Ruyi development. It drives the development of the enterprise itself and also drives the technology progress in the entire industry. It makes Ruyi develop world advanced industrial vehicles technology and occupy the decisive peak of industrial vehicles, extend the value chain, making the Ruyi platform strong and large and develop international competitive advantages. Under the general strategy of “strengthened research and development, concentration on quality, cost optimization and powerful sales promotion” and under the guidance of the Ruyi spirit “honesty, innovation, diligent and friendly” we will continue to explore and brave to be the first. We will make this Xilin Chinese brand ever more famous and glorious for 100 years and become a first class enterprise with true respect.