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Our factory located in Gangxia Town, Wuxi City. It covers the area of 25,000 square meters. We have complete processing equipment and abundant technical force. We are the main factory in the field of light and mini sized electric truck with more than 30 years of experiences in China. Our brand name is “Mei Shi”.

The products of our factory have 6 series including: the CBY Series of the Hand Pallet Truck, the CBD Series of the Electric Pallet Truck, The CPD Series of the Electric Counterbalanced Forklift, the CTD Series of the Electric Insert Forklift, CDD and CDSD Series of the Electric Stacker.

Those products mentioned above are widely used in the transiting and stacking factories, warehouses, material assembly systems. They also can be operated flexibly at the narrow passages and lifts. Especially in those places, such as medicine, food, bank, and post office, where the cleanness and quietness are needed, our products are most suitable.

As the base of the electric truck and electric stacker of China, our factory has a great deal of overseas customers. Welcome to choose our products.
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