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Different commendation meeting lighting the journey and fly against the trend!

2020-07-21 11:34 Kind:转载 Author:Ruyi Source:Ruyi
This was a different “commendation meeting”, which was the most unforgettable for all employees. It drew a successful end to 201...
Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co.,Ltd.

This was a different “commendation meeting”, which was the most unforgettable for all employees. It drew a successful end to 2019 and opened up a new prospect for casting glory again in 2020. There was no pain, there was no gain. Although it was hard for thousands of people, 2020, we ignite the journey, fly against the trend!

In order to summarize the whole year’s work and commend the advanced, Ningbo Ruyi held the 2019 annual commendation meeting of “Lighting the journey and flying against the trend” in Xilinyuan on April 29. Honorary chairman, Chairman, President and all staff of the company participated. This was a different recognition meeting from the past, and it was the most unforgettable commendation meeting for all employees. The year 2020 was the 35th anniversary of the established of Ruyi factory in Ningbo. In the past 35 years, we have climbed over the ridge and never forget our original intention. We have insisted on the green mountains and never let go of the clouds to see the moon. We have composed a new chapter with diligence and wisdom.

On February 28, 1985, Chu Jiwang, the founder of Ruyi, rented 3 mu of land, took five workers and 3000 yuan to open a factory with no capital, no equipment, no factory building.

During the start-up period, Ruyi encountered the EU anti-dumping in 2004, the financial crisis in 2008, and the global epidemic in 2020 “The cold winter we suffered was more biting than ordinary people, and I felt like I was wearing a single garment, and the icy northeast wind made me feel the pain.”

The company’s productsrange from hand series to l electric series, and then to driverless intelligent products. We built a new factory in Ninghai Zirangang and bought a new factory in Dajiahe town. Along the way, we have been constantly reforming, and the spirit of innovation has never changed. We have always been on the road of seeking progress in stability and seeking excellence in stability.

Chu Jiang dedicated the flowers of gratitude to his father, Chu Jiwang, for his father’s founding of Ningbo Ruyi. This gratitude embodied Chu Jiwang’s 35 years of dedication and outstanding achievements, which was full of the deep respect and gratitude of all Ruyi people, and represented the firm faith and strong determination of Ruyi people to follow forever.

Chu Jiwang’s touching words let all the Ruyi people here recall the hard struggle in the past, and arouse the deep resonance of all the Ruyi people present. With the original intention of “enriching employees and repaying the society”, Chu Jiwang gave up the great development prospect of a young cadre, led the entrepreneurs to work hard, thrifty and perseveres, overcome the predicament of no capital, no plant and no equipment, and founded Ningbo Ruyi. He broke through the difficulties and obstacles, and made Ningbo Ruyi develop from nothing to today’s global layout to the world stage. We always keep in mind the arduous journey of Ningbo Ruyi, and also give good expectations for the company’s future development.


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