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BYD Electric Counterbalance Forklift CPD2500

BYD Electric Counterbalance Forklift CPD2500


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The BYD electric counterbalance forklift, offering advancements in quality and ergonomics, has been designed with a unique stand-on operating position and excellent safety performance, making it one of the most operator-friendly forklifts on the market, suited for the main range of applications.



The intelligent dashboard and the OPS (Operator Presence Sensing) seat system, combined with a Clear-view mast, increase all-around visibility. This, together with low noise level and simple operation allow operators to stay alert and maintain unparalleled awareness of their surroundings.


The active Stability System can effectively prevent the vehicle from rolling over, whilst the automatic horizontal balance system for the forks, and the frame tilt control system are standard safety equipment.



With its impressive performance, the forklift generates zero emissions with low-power consumption. The advanced electronic system and the high-performance power management system enable the operator to use the forklift’s potential to maximize productivity. Ergonomic layout of all hydraulic functions allow for a high level of precision fingertip control and working performance.



A newly designed operator compartment provides a comfortable and highly productive environment for the operator.


The multi-grip control and steering wheel are ergonomically designed to be optimally operated. The hydrostatic power steering, driven directly by a motor, requires a very low steering effort for extraordinary smooth maneuverability with minimum operator fatigue.



The durability of this forklift has been tested and proven in a variety of severe applications. Its sturdy components are designed to operate in adverse conditions and can handle intense usage with minimum maintenance.


Cost efficiency

Extended maintenance intervals for motor and battery are a direct result of BYD’s advanced Fe battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate battery) technology, Battery Management System and AC drive motor.

The BYD Fe battery is an extremely stable battery with a very long lifecycle, which can be used for 10 years according to the daily driving range, and has no memory effect.

With the BMS (Battery Management System), the efficiency of the system allows for a high number of work cycles.

Also, the intelligent AC drive motor together with the unique steering wire harness ensures low costs and high productivity.

The Braking Energy Recovery System automatically generates power during braking to charge the battery, which not only delivers a smoother braking feeling, but also provides an extra source of power.