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With globalization and constant logistics movements, the world has become smaller. By providing more professional and diverse products that promote logistical efficiency, we make your dreams and aspirations a reality.


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Technical Features

Safe & Durable

l  Hand brake function ensures proper stoppage of the forklift on slopes, preventing sliding and reducing accidents.

l  Special elastic polyurethane wheels provide longer service life.

l  High capacity batter ensures long-lasting power and superior traction.

l  Equipped with US Curtis electronic control with continuously variable transmission and comprehensive protection that offers flexible control.

Comfortable & Efficient

l  Independent Italian Zapi drive unit ensures small turning angle and easy drive wheel replacement and maintenance. Outstanding dust and water protection mean greater service life for the brake and motor.

l  The small and aesthetically appealing US Curtis meter configuration supports capacity display, operation time monitoring and automatic fault detection.

l  Ergonomically designed seat that reduces operator fatigue and improves efficiency and safety.