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LPG Selling Points

LPG Selling Points


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LPG Selling Points

1、      Green and Environmental

During operation, there is a dramatic decline in CD, HC and NOX emissions, which reduces exhaust emissions greatly and plays an active role in environment protection.

2、      Energy Efficient

Reserving two kinds of fuels, it doubles the operation time. LPG is in full combustion, no carbon deposition and high fuel utilization.

3、      High Safety

All the parts of“fuel device”are made by the designated production factories of USA IMPCO, which are safe and reliable after precision design and strict test. Meanwhile, the ignition temperature of liquefied gas is higher than gasoline, liquefied gas is with large latent heat of vaporization and has the function of self cooling. All of these increase its safety performance. The steel cylinder is equipped with explosion-proof apparatus to ensure its safety after physical, hydraulic, blasting, impact, falling, fire, shooting, penetration and operation testing.

4、      Economical and Practical

The engine is in a good working condition, which can reduce the noise effectively, extend service life and cut down the maintenance cost. Meanwhile, using dual fuels improves fuel efficiency greatly and reduces fuel cost.