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FD30 (R Series)

FD30 (R Series)


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Higher Quality

l  Extensive use of new SMC material that offers greater chemical and compression resistance, fatigue limit and service life compared to steel.

l  Added fuel and hydraulic filter systems that extend engine service life and hydraulic oil replacement cycle.

l  Innovative mast locking function ensures greater operational safety and more stable turning.

l  Reliable 3D pipe length and connection designs enhance hydraulic system sealing.

l  The use of waterproof connectors for cables increases safety and reliability.

High Efficiency

l  Flexible transmission system design with efficient power transmission and torque and lower fuel consumption.

l  Load-sensing steering and multi-valves for priority steering ensure power saving for the steering system.

l  CAN bus electrical system design with modular functions that can be upgraded freely.

l  Finite element analysis on vehicle body that ensures maximum torsion capacity.

l  Horizontal mast pipe layout featuring a combination of steel pipes and hoses that improves the cooling capacity of the hydraulic system significantly.


Excellent Experience

l  Optimized ergonomic design featuring an integrated pedal with braking and fretting functions and hydraulic handle on the right of the seat to improve operational comfort.

l  Foot parking bark that provides easy activation and termination of parking brake.

l  Suspended overhead guard, purified muffler and optimized air intake system reduce vibration and noise.

l  Added steering angle and load display on dashboard and automatic overload alarm system ensure easy operation.

l  Widened frame design that provides 22% greater viewing angle.