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N-series Diesel Engine (390-500PS)

N-series Diesel Engine (390-500PS)


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With independent intellectual property and by a number of current international advanced diesel engine technologies,N-series diesel engines are developed by China FAW Technology Center and FAW Jiefang Wuxi Diesel Engine Works, N-series diesel engines have set a leadership in China's diesel engine industry. Moreover, N-series 13L heavy duty diesel engines (Aoba) also have reached the international advanced level at competitive prices. The N- series diesel engines are characterized by high-power, long service life, low-emission, low fuel consumption, low noise, large variety and will give clients the edge in performance adaptation and allocation to various vehicles.

All product have met from EuroI to EuroⅣ.
Emission:Euro II、EuroⅢ、EuroⅣ (SCR)
13.7~25 meters luxurious coaches;
Super heavy duty trucks over 40 tons;
16m3 cement mixers;
Loader over 60 tons.
◇Adopt technology from RICARDO(UK), BOSCH(Germany), JACOBS(US)
◇Independent valve cover of single cylinder, with double-layer water jacket and double intake passage
◇With large power engine brake from Jacobs
●Fuel efficient:
◇Minimum fuel  consumption rate under full load is lower than 190g/kW·h
◇Emission reaches EuroⅢ and Euro Ⅳ, with upgrade potential
◇Noise per meter is lower than 95dB(A) on average,with reduce potential
●Reliable:◇ B10 life  is 1,200,000km
●Powerful:◇One of the most powerful domestic diesel engine for vehicles use, with maximum displacement and power, great torque at low speed