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W-series Diesel Engine (46-96PS)

W-series Diesel Engine (46-96PS)


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W-series diesel engine possessing complete independent intellectual property right is developed by FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Industry based on original product by using domestic electronically controlled fuel system. Therefore, W-series diesel engine has such features as environment-friendly, high quality, high power covering from 46hp to 96hp. This kind of diesel engine is applicable to city buses under 7 M in height.
All product have met from EuroI to EuroⅣ.
Power: 485:50~61kW(65~79Ps)
Emission: EuroII、EuroⅢ、EuroⅣ (EGR)
Application: 5.4~6.6 meters road, tourism, urban buses; Light trucks; Pickup.
Technical Characteristics of W Series
   ◇Adopt technology from AVL (Austria) and VOLVO (Sweden)
   ◇ Adopt electronic control common rail system from BOSCH (Germany)
● Fuel efficient :
◇ Minimum fuel  consumption rate under full load is lower than 205g/kW·h
●Personal design:
◇Optional air conditioning, power steering, oil or gas brake
◇Optional GPS system, with vehicle management, real-time control, vehicle security, remote diagnosis etc.
◇CAD/CAE analysis and optimization has been performed on key parts, therefore reliability and service life of whole engine are increased;
◇ Whole set B10 life span is 300,000km