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X-series Diesel Engine (100-130PS)

X-series Diesel Engine (100-130PS)


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With independent and complete intellectual property rights, X-series diesel engine is developed by Wuxi FAW Diesel Engine Works on the basis of original product by using domestic electric control fuel system. The diesel engine has the features of high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and its power covers from 80hp to 130hp. Our diesel engine meets the needs of city buses less than 7 M. in height.
All product have met from EuroI to EuroⅣ.

Emission:Euro II、EuroⅢ、EuroⅣ (SCR)
Application:6~7.2 meters road, tourism, urban buses and light trucks.
Technical Characteristics of X Series
   ◇Adopt technology from AVL (Austria) and VOLVO (Sweden)
   ◇ Adopt electronic control common rail system from BOSCH (Germany)
● Fuel efficient :
◇ Minimum fuel  consumption rate under full load is lower than 200g/kW·h
●Personal design:
◇Optional air conditioning, power steering, oil or gas brake
◇Optional GPS system, with vehicle management, real-time control, vehicle security, remote diagnosis etc.
◇CAD/CAE analysis and optimization has been performed on key parts, therefore reliability and service life of whole engine are increased;
◇ Whole set B10 life span is 300,000km