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Toyota adds warehouse trucks in UK

2023-05-15 09:25 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
Toyota Material Handling is launching the next generation of stand-in powered pallet and stacker trucks in the United Kingdom, desi...

Toyota Material Handling is launching the next generation of stand-in powered pallet and stacker trucks in the United Kingdom, designed for load handling and stacking in high-intensity operations. The new models offer high productivity and are available with energy-efficient lithium-ion technology, improved safety features and excellent ergonomics for efficient operations.

Toyota BT Levio LSI200

The three new models: Toyota BT Levio LSI200 – 2 T stand-in powered pallet truck, BT Staxio SSI200D – 2 T stand-in double stacker truck, and BT Staxio SSI160LN - 1.6 T narrow stand-in stacker truck with elevating support arms follow the same modular approach - the Radical Energy Design (RED) - as the recent design thinking process of the Li-ion powered pallet truck BT Levio LWI160 from Toyota. 

The stand-in low lifters and stacker trucks are built around lithium-ion battery modules, which are fitted within the chassis frame. This redesign, in combination with the compact dimension of the models and the lithium-ion technology, contributes to very low energy consumption. 

Jose Maria Gener, vice president sales and marketing at Toyota Material Handling Europe, says: “We are proud to release these brand-new stand-in products to the market, built around our lithium-ion solution to deliver class-leading ergonomics whilst minimising energy consumption. With this new product family, we have a solution for our customers who are looking for ergonomic, safe and energy-efficient products that aim to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.”

Toyota claims the new stackers and powered pallet trucks are built with the driver in mind. To ensure comfort and productivity throughout the whole shift, the driver compartment has been ergonomically designed with all controls easy to reach and operate. The truck features an adjustable right-hand control unit with an ergonomic joystick, a steering wheel for easy and smooth manoeuvring, and a colour touchscreen display allowing perfect interaction between the operator and the truck. An adjustable sit/stand chair, dampened floor, and clear visibility all around add to delivering optimum driver productivity and efficiency. 

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