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Van Rooijen uses RAVAS Pick by Weight and saves manpower

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Welcome to Van Rooijen Logistics. Van Rooijen is a family company that performs contract logistics for a broad client portfolio in...

Welcome to Van Rooijen Logistics. Van Rooijen is a family company that performs contract logistics for a broad client portfolio in the Benelux. Every day, they pick many order lines that are then transported as outgoing pallets. In order to speed up the order picking process and reduce errors, RAVASimplemented the order picking solution Pick by Weight.

Order picking used to be a process where outgoing orders had to be carefully checked for picking errors. Today, each unit is weighed, eliminating picking errors and saving personnel costs. The picking process is fully integrated into the WMS, thanks to the RAVAS mobile weighing solution mounted in the forks of the warehouse trucks. It communicates directly with the WMS and alerts operators in case of errors. Real-time and 100% accurate.

How does Pick By Weight work in practice?

Imagine this: Van Rooijen picks an order for their customer Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz products are stored in Van Rooijen's warehouse, ready to be shipped to the end customer. An order is placed for 10 boxes of tomato ketchup, 10 boxes of tomato sauce and 10 boxes of tomato paste.

RAVAS Pick by Weight in practice at Van Rooijen Logistics

Old situation

An employee logs in to his hand terminal and drives his order pick truck to the appropriate pick box, scans the item there and picks the quantity displayed on his screen. When the entire order is complete, he moves the pick pallet to a check box and starts the next order. Someone else, meanwhile, checks the pick pallet. What turns out, there is unfortunately one box of tomato paste under-picked. The checker calls the picker in and asks him to go get an extra box from the pick box. This check and the extra action cost time and money.

New situation

In the new situation with mobile weighing technology, the weighing system knows the weight of each box of a product. The order picker only has to scan the product ID and then put boxes on the pallet; the weighing system knows when there are enough. This prevents errors and extra checks, thus saving time, money and a satisfied customer. And as Van Rooijen says: "We only have one person doing end checks of the orders now, where in the past we would have four."

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