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TYRI’s INTELLilight® is a Game Changer for Forklift Operatives

2023-04-23 11:20 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
The future of work lighting is here - INTELLilight®is set to revolutionise the way you light up your working world.TYRI’s origin...

The future of work lighting is here - INTELLilight®is set to revolutionise the way you light up your working world.

TYRI’s original idea for INTELLilight®was initiated through the desire to provide an intelligent lighting system that allows the user to control and personalise the light in their own workspace. TYRI’s team of light experts set about challenging the ‘one size fits all’ norm that we have accepted for decades and have created an innovative system that has never been seen before.

TYRI is not new to developing creative solutions in the world of work lights – the TYRI group is a global team which has been developing new technology and utilising the very best expertise and knowledge since its conception in 2002. 

“We know through talking to our customers that weather conditions and their working environment can change quickly. It is common for more than one operative to use a machine and each of those users will have different eyesight and personal preferences – INTELLilight®allows for all these variations and with the ability to improve the comfort and working conditions of each operative, it also improves safety and efficiency,” says Michael Bradley, Managing Director, TYRI UK.

The world of logistics is a 24/7 business, with no room for downtime. When these operations are happening outdoors, time and weather conditions can take their toll on the operators. 

This is particularly evident in applications such as port handling where the weather conditions can change quickly, or environments where dust is generated through process or carried on the wind. 

The quick-changing conditions around the coasts mean it can be an advantage to change the light colour temperature, at the touch of a button, to improve visibility. With INTELLilight®you can adjust the light from 6,500 kelvins (a cold-white light) down to 2,700 kelvins (a warm-yellow light) instantly when your working conditions require it. This feature can make it easier for the light to penetrate particles such as snow, fog or dust, giving a clearer line of sight. It's not always maximum light output that improves visibility.

The operative is also able to adjust the light intensity from 0 - 2,900 effective lumens. This can be used to dim the lights for example, when working in close proximity to others or when working close to surfaces with a high reflection factor.

Christian Wadell, TYRI’s Global R&D Director says:

“INTELLilight®provides a flexible lighting solution which is scaleable and future-proof. It has been designed using a secure Bluetooth mesh. This means you get all the functions without additional cables, ensuring it is easy to install, even for existing vehicles. For a new machine design, INTELLilight®enables you to simplify the vehicle’s electrical system significantly directly communicating with the machines control systems.”

There are two ways of controlling the INTELLilight®system. The light can be controlled with an app on a smart device or via a simple remote control. These can be programmed for different users, lights can be grouped and re-grouped, and the light intensity and colour temperature can be adjusted and personalised. This system really does give the operative full control and improves their entire work environment.

“INTELLilight®has gone through rigorous testing in our test lab in Sweden as well as having been trialled in the field with thousands of lamps having now been sold. The reviews are coming in and feedback from the machine operators over the world has been clear. No one wants to go back to the lighting they had before they got the innovative INTELLilight®system installed. One size does not fit all anymore – especially when it comes to work lights,” concludes Michael.

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