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Clark relocates for growth

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Clark France has moved from Saint-Laurent-de-Mure to a new company building in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, 10 km away. The new facility...
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Clark France has moved from Saint-Laurent-de-Mure to a new company building in Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, 10 km away. The new facility, about 20 km southeast of Lyon, is part of Clark's strategy to expand its market position in France and prepare for future growth.

The change of location became necessary because, in the past, the administration was separate from the warehouse and workshop area. This slowed down processes. At the new location, all business areas are now under one roof and capacities could be additionally expanded.

The new company building covers 850 sqm, with 760 sqm allotted to the warehouse for new and used equipment. Here, 90 to 120 Clark materials handling vehicles are stored for direct access. The building also houses the order management, sales support, technical support, training and final quality control, and shipping departments. Country-specific adaptations are also made at the site in accordance with customer requirements.

Olivier Bellissan

"The relocation of Clark France to Saint-Quentin-Fallavier was an important move, not only to set the course for further growth, but also to be able to respond even better to the requirements of French customers," says Rolf Eiten, president and CEO of Clark Europe GmbH in Duisburg.

"Relocating has allowed us to expand our storage capacity and make internal processes much more efficient," adds Olivier Bellissan, branch manager of Clark France, "as we aim to exceed our customers' expectations in the future".

Clark France SARL was founded in 2009 and serves a total of 59 Clark distributors in France and the French overseas territories as well as in countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Congo, Mauritania and Ivory Coast.

The way Clark has made is the history of forklift

Clark who started its business as automobile parts manufacturer in 1903 invented the world’s first forklift in 1917, which brought innovative change to the concept of distribution.  Clark set a standard of modern forklift in 1920s and has been at the forefront of every major echnological advancement in the world’s forklift industry for over 80 years.  Clark  opened its various patent to the industry, which has been freely adopted by every forklift manufacturer as an industry’s standard technology.

Over one million Clark forklift have been produced, among which 700,000 are still in operation around the world. 

Clark is the forklift.

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