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New 3 and 4 wheel electric forklifts from Hyster

2020-09-28 14:51 Kind:转载 Author:Hyster Source:Hyster
Hyster Europe has extended its range of electric counterbalance lift trucks with the introduction of nine new three- and four-wheel...
Shanghai Hyster Forklift Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hyster Europe has extended its range of electric counterbalance lift trucks with the introduction of nine new three- and four-wheel forklift models for lifts up to 3.5 tonnes.

The Hyster® J1.5-3.5UT four-wheel and J1.6-2.0UTT three-wheel electric forklifts are the latest models to join the Hyster® UT series. Designed to be simple to use and easy to maintain, the new electric Hyster® lift trucks provide affordability and reliability across industry.

“A familiar automotive layout alongside superb manoeuvrability and control make these uncomplicated electric forklifts well suited to the needs of many different handling operations,” says Rob O’Donoghue, Director Solutions – Europe, Middle East and Africa, for Hyster Europe. “They are ideally positioned to complement the existing range of Hyster® lift trucks and warehouse equipment.”

The new electric UT lift trucks offer an ergonomically designed operator compartment with controls in easy reach. A clear LCD display, in full colour on the 4-wheel series, provides the driver with easy access to all the data needed.

Thanks to a wide mast window, drivers benefit from excellent visibility while a robust mast provides stability. Meanwhile, fast lifting and lowering speeds and travel speeds of up to 16km/h* help drivers to get the job done quickly and easily.

The new electric Hyster® UT forklifts, which are available with lead acid batteries, also offer a small turning radius and truck footprint to aid effective manoeuvring in warehouse aisle or loading areas, where space may be at a premium. A range of standard features and options, including different masts, forks and carriages, help to further configure the truck to the particular needs of the application.

The three- and four-wheel electric UT forklifts are also ideal for operations looking to self-service. With simple components and clever design elements, such as an easily removable on-piece floor plate and quick release battery hood and controller cover, when matched with the right application and operating intensity, the trucks can minimise both service time and costs.

Available now, the new series of electric lift trucks includes J1.5UT, J1.8UT, J2.0UT, J2.5UT, J3.0UT, J3.5UT four-wheel trucks, lifting up to 3.5-tonnes, and J1.6UTT, J1.8UTT and J2.0UTT three-wheel trucks lifting up to 2-tonnes. All are supported by the experienced network of local Hyster® dealers, with spare parts readily available and the back-up of a standard warranty.

HYSTER is one of the world's leading makers of forklift and warehousing trucks. With 70 years dedicated experience in the materials handling industry and an exclusive network of dealers, we believe we can provide lift truck users with a unique combination of quality products and after sales service.

Our aim is to ensure that your trucks are available when you need them, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We hope that you find our site interesting, and look forward to hearing your comments. 

HYSTER has been building lift trucks for over 70 years. The HYSTER story began in 1929 in the North American Lumber industry, with the supply of logging winches. The name HYSTER came from the cries of the workmen-"hoist'er".

The company then began to look for ways to improve general materials handling, and in 1934 built their first piece of mobile lifting equipment called a "cranemobile" which would later become known as the "karry krane".

The first HYSTER lift truck was built in 1935 and by the end of 1940's, HYSTER lift trucks, of various types could be found on ports and docksides, and loading timber yards throughout the U.S.A. and other parts of the world.

In the 1950s, HYSTER established its European headquarter in England, and then built its forklift manufacturing plants in the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland and Italy, as well as in Australia. In late 1950s, HYSTER invented "Monotrol Pedal Technology" which controls both directions and acceleration. This technology was one of the most advanced technologies and has been used in forklift industry till now. With the developing of its business, HYSTER has built 14 manufacturing plants all over the world with a 16% world market share.

HYSTER Company is the first U.S. lift truck manufacturer to receive ISO9002 registration. The Testing Center which was built in 1960s in Portland is the biggest and best equipped lift truck testing center in the world. Today customers consider the word "HYSTER" and "lift truck" to be synonymous. We, HYSTER China with such a proud heritage will strive hard to make sure that doesn't change.

Shanghai HYSTER has been active in China for many years. Our commitment to serving our customers has led us to make a major investment in China. A totally new, award winning manufacturing and servicing facility became operational in 1999. Besides manufacturing a range of HYSTER products at this facility, the national HYSTER distribution and service network is managed from this centrally situated facility which is located in the Pudong, Shanghai industrial zone.

HYSTER China Headquarter is located in Jinqiao, Pudong Shanghai. The plant was formally opened on April 8th, 1999 with a 26,379m2 facility and over 100 employees. It adopts latest DFT (Demand Flow Technology) in its manufacturing and management system for 2-3 ton diesel trucks followed by one new range of 1.5-2.5 ton electric truck.

HYSTER China will use its worldwide resources to serve the domestic and multinational corporations in China.

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