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About Us

Started in 1999, Chinaforklift.com (www.chinaforklift.com) is the website of industrial truck and logistic system in the Mainland China. 

At the beginning of 2005, Chinaforklift.com became the official website of China Forklift Company.

It collects information of more than 6000 forklift and logistic system manufacturers and dealers, and provides detailed information on Chinese and global forklifts (and relative material handling equipment) for all the users, manufacturers and dealers in the world. You can easily search forklifts and forklift parts of different brands and models in the world, and also their dealers in China and all over the world.

Chinaforklift.com provides a complete material handling solution and a convenient electronic window.

To meet the demand of visitors who cannot read Chinese, we launched our English version website ForkliftNet.com on Jun. 28th, 2007. It surely will provide a better platform for the global forklift manufacturers and dealers.

Our Principle:
Provide material handling information and electronic platform for the material handling manufacturers and dealers in the world. 

Our Aim:
Make Chinaforklift.com (ForkliftNet.com) the best professional material handling website in China. Let the world know the status of forklifts and material handling equipment in China. Make it the electric network window for Chinese industrial trucks to walk out to the world.