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bauma China 2014: My bauma China Story Told by Heart

2014-03-31 14:17 Kind:转载 Author:bauma Source:bauma
bauma China 2014 will be be held from Nov. 25-28, 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The show...

bauma China 2014 will be be held from Nov. 25-28, 2014 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The show this year has the new Chinese claim"Take heart to the industry, build up the future". That means our organizers, exhibiting companies, show visitors, media and all service providers need to devote to performing well at bauma China and together build up the tangible future of the construction machinery industry.Time is flying. An exhibitor at bauma China 2012 once posted in blog:"At the lunch break, our customers did not take a rest, neither did our staff; how wonderful if only bauma China would open all year round!" In fact, besides the 4-day onsite show, bauma China really does not take a rest at all, busy all the time with tear-down, show report and summary, new edition’s planning, marketing, exhibitor application, booth allocation, visitor promotion and over one-month booth construction..., no stop at a second.

At present, the exhibitor application is still in full swing and the enthusiasm of the enterprises lets us forget about the gloomy industry.Until March 10, 2014, the number of exhibitors has increased by 4% compared with that of the last show at the same period. The number of new exhibitors has accounted for 32% of the total exhibitors. The number of new exhibitors of international companies, FIE and domestic companies all embraced a good increase. So far the exhibitors are from 43 countries and regions, among them, Germany, Taiwan, Austria, Korea and Canada ranked top 5 in the increased exhibitor list. In terms of product category, exhibitors with machines all around construction sites are still the main force, but we also see the building material machinery exhibitors and accessories exhibitors increased fast respectively by 10%.

Therefore, Chinese market is still full of business opportunities for the international enterprises, which furthermore gives more pressure to the domestic companies. Price war is inevitable, almost cruel. In the meanwhile, the challenge of quality, after-sale services and innovation are even more severe. The time for Chinese enterprises to make industry transformation is left little. The companies will be frustrated and be in risk after several failures in transformation. Mergers and acquisition will increase, too. Currently, construction machinery adjustment gradually comes to the end. Who will break out in 2014 and how to break out will be the biggest highlight and surprise at bauma China 2014. At the same time, bauma China will step into a brand new development stage together with our construction and machinery enterprises. Exhibitors are suggested to think about how to showcase the company culture, and be hard-working, dedicated and honest, which are also the industry spirits that are emphasized at bauma China.

As more infrastructure constructions start all over China, including construction of high-speed rail, subway, low-rent housing, affordable housing and large key projects, construction machinery enterprises are trying to grasp the opportunities and get growth. To exhibit at bauma China, is still one important strategy. bauma China is the excellent platform to launch new products and technologies, the fast access to get customer resources all over the world, and moreover the good party to communicate, appreciate, and overcome difficulties together.

Actually, bauma China is the microcosm of the industry, a mini-society with emotions, joy, being touched. Here orders are not the most important, but to learn, to communicate, and to feel the face-to-face friendship is the key focus. You may have some wonderful experience at bauma China, please kindly attend our story collection activity—“My bauma China story from heart” to share your gain, your perception, your interesting experience. And only a few sentences will be a story. We require no word limit, no subject limit. To be the true story with bauma China is what we highly appreciated. Would you please share your story to please or inspire others via Email to You will have the opportunity to win the sentimental gift of bauma China. Welcome to join us and we are here to listen to your story!

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