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Year in review: 2017 System Reports

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Modern’s system reports in 2017 offered readers a look at the business model and system designs that serve as tangible examples...

Modern’s system reports in 2017 offered readers a look at the business model and system designs that serve as tangible examples of how end users have put equipment to work to boost productivity, customer service and company growth. Across manufacturing, warehousing and distribution applications, responsiveness continues to be top of mind. From e-commerce start-ups to century-old market leaders, the companies we showcased emphasized the importance of supply chain software to orchestrate dynamic fulfillment operations, ensure traceability and accuracy, and integrate disparate hardware and business activities. Robotics and automation also figured prominently in each facility. System reports this year touched on solutions including light-directed picking, AGVs and mobile robots, software, goods-to-person solutions, automated storage, automated packaging, pouch sorters and much, much more.

The lighting manufacturer reaped savings by reducing maintenance costs and product damage, and using labor more productively. The bottom line: A two-year ROI.

Johnson & Johnson: A vision for automation
J&J Vision Care brings together a variety of automated technologies, including an innovative goods-to-person picking solution, at its Jacksonville DC.

Lawson’s multi-purpose distribution center
Lawson Products built a new distribution center to optimize its network, package and kit products, and deliver better customer service to its branch DCs and customers.

Thrive Market’s startup distribution network
How does a fast-growing, e-commerce startup company build out order fulfillment capabilities? Thrive Market answered that question with its new facility in Indiana.

GE Healthcare: Lean repairs
Self-driving mobile robots improve cycle times and reduce floor space at GE Healthcare’s new repair operations center in Wisconsin.

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits: Designed to last
On Long Island, the country’s premier distributor of wine and spirits turned to shuttle and case dispensing technology to add new life to an old DC.

Pouch sorter powers Stage’s fulfillment needs
How a hometown department store chain transformed its e-fulfillment processes with pouch sortation technology.

Rochester Drug Cooperative: Robots ready for work
It’s still early stages, but Rochester Drug Cooperative is proving that mobile robotic piece picking can get the job done in the right application.

Lodge Manufacturing: Distribution cast in iron
In a new facility, iPhones and a new WMS allowed cookware manufacturer Lodge to double its business for the fourth time in 20 years and shorten order delivery time from 10 days to three.

Rocky Brands sees the light
Confronting an aging materials handling system and new channels of business with new customer expectations, Rocky Brands installed a put-to-light and sortation system to ramp up fulfillment.


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