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Zhengzhou Jiachen Electric Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing enterprise that conducts research and development on new energy vehicle control systems and related electrical components. It is a high-tech enterprise and a provincial-level enterprise technology center, a provincial-level engineering technology research center, and a post-doctoral workstation approved by the state. It has the right to import and export self-operation approved by the Ministry of Commerce. The company is a stable partner and supplier of major domestic industrial electric vehicle manufacturers. It is responsible for the provision of new energy vehicle control system integration products, technical support and after-sales service, and has the ability to provide a full range of vehicle electrical control systems.

Since the early 1980s, the company has been undertaking provincial, ministerial and national electric vehicle technology research projects, national industrialization projects, and a participant in the implementation of the National High-tech Development Plan ("863" Plan). Outstanding contribution to the scientific and technological research of electric vehicles, won the National "Eighth Five-Year" Science and Technology Achievement Award in October 1996.

The various test platforms established on the basis of the "863" project have laid a solid framework for the improvement and establishment of the company's product quality management system, and are a practical guarantee for the company to provide users with high-quality products. The company has established 4 sales and service outlets in major domestic regions, and at the same time established a branch in Hong Kong and a research and development center in Shanghai, which can provide users with the best quality services in all aspects of pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

To provide users with high-quality products and quality services is the company's goal! For this goal, we have been working hard!

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