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About Us

Anhui ZOOMLION Industrial Vehicle Co. Ltd is one of the important plate ZOOMLION, started in 2010, the base a total investment of 600000000 yuan, covers an area of nearly 300 acres, the two phase of the project are put into operation, will have the industrial vehicle annual production capacity of 30000 sets. Modern factories and process layout, advanced production equipment that ZOOMLION "sincere interest free, Bo Hou distant" brand connotation.

The company places great emphasis on product R & D investment and capacity building, through research and innovation and the accumulation of years of product creation process ability, effectively improved, forming can meet the domestic and international mainstream market demand product resources. Now the formation of internal combustion type, storage battery, storage such as the three major categories, 212 kinds of forklift products resource guarantee. At present, ZOOMLION forklift products have been widely used in papermaking, automobile, tobacco, logistics, stone and other industries.

As of 2014 December, the company in the global scope, has established more than 160 sales, service outlets, meanwhile, are exported to Britain, Russia, Brazil, American, Singapore and so on more than 30 countries and regions, to achieve the synchronous growth of two markets at home and abroad. The company to provide quality service "to the exquisite technology, the importance of customers in the purchase, use, maintenance, maintenance, updating the various stages of different needs, and a pleasant, moved and economic benefits to the customers through the intimate service value, let the customer continuously improve work quality. The company also through the call center, Internet, remote assistance on-site operation and other modern means to provide customers with full service, "customers would like to think, urgent customer's urgency". Through a series of innovative service mode, and consolidate the dominant position of ZOOMLION forklift in after sale service field.

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Main Sell: Main Industry: Diesel Counter Balanced Truck 
Company Type: 企业单位 Deal Mode: Forklift Truck Manufacturer 
Reg date: Address: No.2 nanwei Road,Area of High-tech Development Zone,Wuhu,Anhui Provience,PR,China
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