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Hangcha Intelligent Logistics Solutions Orders Reach New Heights

2024-05-22 16:00 Kind:转载 Author:Hangcha Source:Hangcha
Recently, Hangcha Intelligent Logistics Solutions has secured large orders exceeding 200 million yuan (about $28.17 million) across v...

Recently, Hangcha Intelligent Logistics Solutions has secured large orders exceeding 200 million yuan (about $28.17 million) across various industries. 

This year, the order value has increased by more than 100% compared to the same period last year.

  • Wind Power Industry Project

  • The project integrates AGVs, stacker cranes, stereoscopic warehouses, conveyor lines, elevators, and other equipment for over 60 million yuan (about $ 8.45 million);

  • New Energy Industry Project

  • This project involves over 1000 units of trucks and includes over ten types of AGVs;

  • The Food & Beverage Industry Project 

  • With a total investment exceeding 100 million yuan (about $ 14.09 million), involves 44 projects spread across more than 20 production bases in China.

    In addition to traditional warehousing and logistics, we also focus on the power, liquor, beverage, rubber tire, photovoltaic, and 3C industries. We are committed to innovation and high-quality solutions in these sectors.

HC forklift Company, a dedicated forklift maker in China, was founded in 1956. It got a great success since privatized in 2000 and became a world main player in this line now. Our growth is the result of our commitment to supply economic forklifts with high reliability to all our customers.

HC Forklift pursuits the application of new technology developing in the field of forklift and utilizes the global components resources like Nissan, Isuzu engine and Danaher emotion AC controller system etc. It enables us to supply hi-performance products with the new technology and economic forklift truck with low maintenance cost. The new assembling hall over 15,000 square meters expands its annual production capacity exceeding 30,000 units and dominate the Chinese industrial and ensure stability for users as well as dealers and distributors. 

In order to make our customers from all over the world easy, HC forklift continues to extend its sales and service network. All of these services would be available from your local HC forklift truck dealer.  Let us enjoy the benefit coming  from the growth of China together.

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