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Baoli unveils new reach truck

2024-04-23 10:29 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
Kion Group subsidiary Baoli has unveiled a new reach truck range, the Baoli KBR 14-20.The new the Baoli KBR 14-20 series has loa...
KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co., Ltd.

Kion Group subsidiary Baoli has unveiled a new reach truck range, the Baoli KBR 14-20.

The new the Baoli KBR 14-20 series has load capacities from 1.4 T to 2 T

The reach trucks, manufactured at Baoli’s factory in Xiamen in China, are designed for warehouse applications. 

The range includes the KBR 14 with a load capacity of 1.4 T, the KBR 16L with a load capacity of 1.6 T and lifting heights up to 9.4 m and the KBR 20 with lifting capacities of 2 T and lifting height of up to 10.6 m.

All models in the range are powered by 48 V batteries. 

"The launch of the KBR 14-20 reach truck series emphasises Baoli EMEA's commitment to providing practical and reliable materials handling solutions within our market segment," says Francesco Pampuri, director brand marketing and management at Baoli EMEA.

"We are striving to simplify our customers' daily work by offering easy-to-use, affordable and supportive solutions."

KION Baoli (Jiangsu) Forklift Co., Ltd is the international, highly competitive material handling manufacturer for the economy segment, and a member of KION Group in Germany. The company is located in economic development zone of Jingjiang city, Jiangsu province, covering an area of 120,000 square meters, over 500 employees, and an extensive network of dealers in more than 80 countries.

KION Baoli provides whole product range including diesel/gasoline/LPG and electric trucks with load capacities of 1 to 10 tonnes. The company has automated painting line, vehicle assembly line and key components production line, which provides strong base to ensure business growth.

As KION Group's fourth brand, our vision is to be the leading brand in economy forklift segment, combining the competitive advantages of KION operational excellence and Baoli integrated manufacturing platform, we provide reliable and practical products, as well as standardized services to the global market.

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