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Combilift – celebrating 25 years of lifting innovation

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Since the Irish manufacturer Combiliftlaunched its first multidirectional C4000 forklift in 1998, the company has continued to make h...
Combilift Ltd.

Since the Irish manufacturer Combiliftlaunched its first multidirectional C4000 forklift in 1998, the company has continued to make headlines in the materials handling sector thanks to its unparalleled growth and its unwavering commitment to new model development. 2023 was no different, as the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in style; no less than five new products were launched throughout the year at trade fairs as well as during events at the end of September at Combilift’s global HQ and 46,000 m² manufacturing facility in Monaghan.  

There are now what can be termed as 25 different product families in Combilift’s portfolio, which are exported to 85 countries. Models include pedestrian operated stacker trucks, Aisle Master articulated narrow aisle forklifts, 2- and 4-way sideloaders, Straddle Carriers, Mobile Gantries and of course the descendants of the original multidirectional trucks. It is safe to say that whether you need to lift a 300kg pallet of components or a modular building weighing 100,000kg, Combilift will have a solution – and if they don’t, chances are that the company’s engineers and R&D department can design and build one for you.     

The scope of some of the new products unveiled in 2023 illustrates Combilift’s ambitions, not just in a geographical sense but also when it comes to new business sectors. The Combi-LC Load Carrierfor example signalled a move into the offshore energy industry, where the increasing size of wind turbine components demands very stable and efficient lifting and storage solutions across its supply chain. The Combi-LC was developed in collaboration with Siemens Gamesa, one of the world’s largest offshore suppliers, and can safely and securely transport wind turbine blades and towers – some as long as 115m and weighing 70t - from production to storage locations. The concept of these bespoke Load Carriers is based on two fully customisable remote-control units with low-level chassis beds that can work in tandem master and slave operation, with dimensions and wheel configurations that vary according to load type and weight. 

Other new products this year include 2 models based on the original Combi-CB compact counterbalance design multidirectional forklift. The driver’s position in the centre of the cab of the Combi-CUBEoffers a high level of driver comfort, generous room and excellent all-round visibility. The optional unique Dynamic 360 Steering enables seamless directional change and unrivalled manoeuvrability. The Combi-CB70E- the shortest 7t capacity multidirectional counterbalance truck on the market – enables versatile space saving handling of long and bulky loads, even in very confined spaces. Its optional new Auto Swivel Seat automatically engages and swivels the seat and armrest 15° to the right or left to accord with the direction of travel selected by the operator - reducing driver strain, particularly when reversing.

Further new developments were the introduction of the Combilift-AGT, Combilift’s first autonomous model, and a telematics software system Combi-Connect. This fleet management system enables real-time and comprehensive information on fleet performance, including location tracking, usage analytics and maintenance alerts. 

Following the introduction of the Combi-LC in 2023, Combilift is in active discussions with other offshore wind companies and expects to generate over €50m in yearly revenue in this market by 2026. In 2024 the focus will also be on expanding the company’s offering of heavy duty lifting solutions in order to target more new industry sectors, along with allocating more production capacity for these models at its factory. Continued detailed analysis of the cost of warehousing space by Combilift’s team of design engineers will enable customers to optimise their current footprint to avoid expanding premises for more sustainable use of their resources.  

Having enjoyed unparalleled success in the materials handling sector for the last quarter of a century, what does CEO and Co-Founder Martin McVicar envisage for the future? One certainty is that whatever the level of expansion, the company will remain firmly rooted in its home area of Monaghan, where it has deep ties with the local community. As for growth, Martin says: “80,000 units in total have been produced, 10,000 of these this year, and we aim to double these numbers every five years, so by 2028 we are expecting to build 20,000 units per annum.” 

Combilift Stand-up GT Series


Combilifts IC GT Series was developed in response to the markets need for a robust and reliable Stand-up Side-loader. The Gas/LPG powered engine and hydrostatic drive allows this side-loader to be used in very narrow aisles both indoors and outdoors.


The GT Series can be customised to offer the desired platform length and can work in aisles as narrow as 127cm. Two standard models offer a range of platform options, capacities from 4,500kgs range and lift heights up 8.3m


Customised Solutions


Combilift has a successful history of catering to its client's special needs. We have been building custom trucks for our customers with specific needs that couldn't be found on the market. Combilift offers flexible consultation services to provide you with a solution that addresses your specific requirements.


Let us help you increase your profitability and deliver more effective solutions to your everyday operational demands.

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