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Easy-FORK Vision System: the Bolzoni material handling point of view

2023-05-30 09:49 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
The Easy-FORK with front camera is particularly suitable for fork positioning heavy duty. applications.Continuous rise in demand for...

The Easy-FORK with front camera is particularly suitable for fork positioning heavy duty. applications.

Continuous rise in demand for warehousing and logistics industries automation is driving material handling equipment preference towards Intelligent solutions.

Bolzonihas developed a full range of intelligent products, electric or hydraulically driven, designed to face current logistic challenges: the easy-Connect product range.

This automated solutions portfolio is based on advanced technology, robotics, sensors and IoT to support the forklift driver decisions. 

Within this range of products Bolzoni developed a series of intelligent forks, the easy-FORK Vision Systems.

A clean view even in difficult visual conditions

The Bolzoni Easy-FORK Vision System is designed to assist forklift truck drivers during low visibility operations, such as carrying bulky loads or handling goods in the highest shelves. In these cases, the camera system enables the operator to have a clear visual field, enabling load positioning with great accuracy, preventing damages.

Designed for all forklift trucks, easy-FORKS have a robust design and are available in different sections and lengths. Thanks to the camera position, the driver can have a clear view on both forks during all handling operations, while maintaining the correct ergonomic position on the seat. The camera is wireless connected to a 7-inch monitor installed inside the driver cabin. 

Easy-FORK Vision System is available in three different configurations: side fork camera, tip fork cameraand a modular solution to be installed on the fork carriage including front camera and laser. 

The high-quality cameras are a great help to forklift truck driver during loading and unloading operations, particularly when moving pallets at high levels on shelves.

Thanks to its special features, Easy-FORK Vision System is well performing in though environments and also in case of extremely adverse weather conditions: the cameras are waterproof IP69K, vibration resistant 10G, shock resistant 100G and can be used in working environments with temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to +85 degrees C (-40 F and 140 F). Furthermore, in case of sudden change in temperature, the electric anti-fog system automatically comes into operation, providing a clear image.

Damage reduction with side camera and tip camera

Bolzoni Easy-FORK high quality camera with LED lights completely integrated in the fork tip.

Thanks to the improved visibility, Bolzoni Easy-FORK Vision Systems provide outstanding benefits, in terms of  safe handling operations and enhanced productivity.

The fork-incorporated side and tip cameras are a great help to fork lift truck driver during loading and unloading operations. Thanks to the camera position, the driver can have a clear view on both forks, with horizontal 52° viewing angle, while maintaining the correct ergonomic position on the seat.

Get clear images in low light environment with front mounted camera & line laser

The laser, mounted on the frame, projects a horizontal linear beam with an angle of 90 degrees aligned to the points of the forks.

Among the Easy-FORK Vision System solutions, the front camera with line laser is particularly suitable for side shifting and fork positioning in dark environments. 

Thanks to the camera position, the driver has a clear view on both fork tips, with horizontal 120° view angle and vertical 52° view angle. The color camera is equipped with 6 IR led and high-resolution images are displayed on a 7-inch monitor installed inside the driver cabin. 

This device is particularly useful in case of low light environment, as the system integrates on the screen a fix reference, aligned to the forks tip, providing a landmark during the picking up phase.

The well protected laser projects a linear blade with 90-degrees angle which is aligned with the fork tips and guarantees the correct reference when loading pallets.

A full range of forks

From the intelligent model to the standard one: Bolzoni is manufacturer of a full range of forksfor lift trucks, construction and agricultural material handling machines, in many different capacities, sections and lengths, FEM/ISO and special mountings.

Bolzoni forks are available with different tips and tapers, and in a large selection of special application models: pin-type, with 3rd hook, bolt-on, blank forks, peek-a-boo, lumber forks and many more.

The offer includes big forks, with capacity up to 220 tons (480,000 Lbs.)

By using first class raw material and applying modern technological solutions and automated production processes, forks are produced according to customer requirements and the industry’s strictest standards. 

Bolzoni forks are fitted worldwide ex factory at OEM premises and are suitable for after-market specialists too.

Full range of forks manufactured by Bolzoni, from standard, to very big fork models.

For more information on the Easy-FORK Vision System, get in touch with us, and ask for our references on Intelligent Fork Solutions, or to organize a demo unit at your facilities. 

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