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Manitou issues hydrogen pledge

2023-01-12 10:05 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
Manitou Group has unveiled its new hydrogen facilities as part of its roadmap for research and development. The group has set a t...

Manitou Group has unveiled its new hydrogen facilities as part of its roadmap for research and development. 

The group has set a target of 43% low-emissions products marketed in 2030.  

The test centre boasts a green hydrogen station which will be used for testing of its new prototype telehandler. The prototype is based on an existing model from its range of construction machines, capable of lifting loads up to 18 m. The machine will be tested and sent out to construction sites by the end of 2023 with a view to collecting valuable feedback from users to improve on this prototype. 

Two types of hydrogen technology are currently being evaluated by the market, namely the combustion engine and the fuel cell. The prototype is built around a fuel cell, but the group will choose hydrogen solutions that best meet the needs of its customers. 

Michel Denis, Manitou president and CEO, explains: “This prototype is only the first step. A second rotating telehandler prototype will be developed in the coming months. There are many benefits of green hydrogen with production possible using wind power that has no greenhouse gas emissions at all. This fits in perfectly with our low-carbon trajectory.”

Manitou hopes to offer a 100% hydrogen-powered telehandler by 2026. 

The Manitou unveiling comes a month after Hyster showed off a laden container handler powered by twin Nuvera E-Series Fuel Cell engines at the Port of Los Angeles.

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