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A guide to electric forklift battery options

2022-05-10 09:23 Kind:转载 Author:shdlogistics Source:shdlogistics

Lithium-ion – at your convenience

Perhaps the single biggest attraction of lithium-ion is convenience. There’s no topping up, no acid, no gassing and no maintenance. There are no battery changes, no changing equipment, no damage and, as there is no charging area, greater space utilization can be achieved.

Lithium-ion batteries can be rapidly recharged during lunch or tea breaks so they’re always available. Even from 90 percent DOD (depth of discharge), lithium-ion is good to go after a single, one-hour charge.

Although the initial purchase price is much higher than standard lead acid, a lithium battery will typically last five to six times longer and deliver 5,000 cycles (compared with 1,500 for standard lead acid).

And, because the battery controls the charge levels, it’s protected against over charge/discharge.

Cons:Significantly higher initial cost. Large AC power draw may make it unsuitable for some premises and installation may well require a load power management system. Because of power draw, break times may need to be staggered to facilitate charging. Getting the specification right is crucial to meet the demands of the site at the right price.

Pros:Convenient. Zero battery maintenance, no charging area or related equipment. Really rapid “plug and play” charging. Maximum availability. Long working life.

Tip: There are two main types of lithium-ion battery chemistry so check which one is best for your application. Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) can appear slightly more expensive than Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) but this is offset by longer battery life/more cycles, higher specific energy, greater energy from the same footprint, and higher residual value.

Whether you are replacing old electric trucks or switching from diesel to cut running costs, reduce your carbon footprint and improve staff welfare, prepare to be dazzled!


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