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Carer A140-160S: Small in footprint, high in capacity

2021-12-28 09:35 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
With the launch of the A140-160-Short, Carerexpands the brand’s range of AS series electric forklifts, with capacities up to 35,000...

With the launch of the A140-160-Short, Carerexpands the brand’s range of AS series electric forklifts, with capacities up to 35,000lbs, at a 24-inch load center. This range also includes the A160/ 900S, which boasts 35,000lbs capacity at a 48-inch load center.  Similar to many of the other models Carer offers in this range, the AS series is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.      

The unique characteristic of this new design is the ability to maintain its infamous high-capacity range, while offering an extremely short and narrow chassis.  It is designed with a 96volt operating system and has a similar sized footprint as the lower capacity units, such as the 17,500lb. capacity A80X.  This exceptional combination of size, power, and efficiency allows the A140-160S to maneuver in spaces that are tight, restrictive, but require high capacity. An example of some of the sectors this lift is designed for, include Steel, Paper, and Manufacturing.

As a result of the ongoing success of the A series in these and other sectors, the vision of the A140-160S was to maintain the various technical advancements pioneered by the A series, while offering a solution unlike any other in the industry.   

All of the models in the AS range are equipped with an integrated Terminal West side shift and fork positioner. The mast has been specifically designed and developed for this model and has been positioned over the wheels, to ensure maximum visibility for the operator. The welded profiles, the 8 bearings, and the much shorter center-to-center distance of the plate, are the key to guaranteeing the balance between mast geometries and resistance to bending and torsion in challenging applications.

The tilt cylinders are mounted on the roof structure, ensuring load stability, high residual capacity and a reduction of twisting and additional stress on the mast. The exposed portion of the tilt cylinder, is positioned at the back of the roof, keeping it out of reach from harmful dust, and debris coming off the loads that it carries.

The A140-160S is equipped with two powerful AC traction motors integrated into the front axle. These motors are built and tested by CARER with the most advanced technologies in the industry, and have a high drive torque, which guarantees speed, acceleration, and maneuverability.

Thanks to the rigorous testing and use of advanced technology, the motors are highly reliable, long- lasting under stress, and do not require maintenance. The two 20 kW traction motors, and the 52-kW pump motor used for lifting, have helical tooth gears ensuring high performance and a substantial reduction in sound.

The motors in the AS series have an IP rating of 54. This means they are protected against the ingress of dust and water from all directions and can be used in humid, dusty, and all types of outdoor environments. The new front axle consists of two independent units, the right and left gearmotor, housed in a single block for maximum flexibility and strength.

The tires that come standard with the AS series, are the durable super elastic tires. These tires offer traction equal or superior to conventional pneumatic tires and eliminate both the possibility of puncture failures and running "under-inflated".  As a result, this improves fuel efficiency and safety, while ensuring longer wear time, and comfort for the operator.

The A140-160S electric forklift also provides high autonomy, a result of its remarkable efficiency and high battery capacity. Like all the Carer product range, the AS series is available with a lithium power solution, providing a maintenance free, fast charge option for high utilization applications.

From the very beginning, Carer has been focused on delivering solutions that meet the needs and requests of their customers. For that reason, customization and tailor-made solutions have always been at the forefront of the Carer philosophy. It is precisely this philosophy that has enabled the company for all of these years, to respond to application needs in a timely manner.

The new Carer A140-160S electric trucks represent a great distinction in the material handling landscape, and are destined to revolutionize large sectors by virtue of their specific characteristics:

  • They are as powerful and efficient as combustion trucks.

  • They are economically advantageous.

  • They are safe, guaranteeing a healthy work environment free from emissions, vibrations, and noise.

  • They are green, as they respect the environment.

  • They can be customized in accordance with the specific needs of international customers.

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