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CET Material Handling software now offers realistic forklift trucks

2021-10-09 09:08 Kind:转载 Author:Material Handling Wholesaler Source:Material Handling Wholesaler
Configura integrates forklift trucks and warehouse equipment from Linde Material Handling into CET Material HandlingPlanning and engin...

Configura integrates forklift trucks and warehouse equipment from Linde Material Handling into CET Material Handling

Planning and engineering offices can now use realistic forklift trucks and warehouse equipment for their warehouse planning with CET Material Handling, Configura.

“Using Configura’s software, CET Material Handling, planners are now able to give their 3D visualization of the warehouse and the intralogistics material flow an even more professional view. They can select from a great variety of different Lindetruck models to create a realistic 3D warehouse layout design,” Intralogistics Consultant Andreas Mönk said for Linde Material Handling (MH).

With headquarters in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and production plants around the globe, Linde MH develops high-performance solutions for intralogistics. The intralogistics specialist offers fully networked electric and combustion engine forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, fleet management software, automated solutions, driver assistance systems, financing offers as well as services around the forklift truck, and operator training.

“We are pleased to welcome Linde Material Handling to our growing global community of material handling companies that use CET Material Handling to plan warehouse solutions,” Configura’s Global Head of Material Handling Johan Gustafsson said. “CET Material Handling is a 3D system configurator that simplifies and accelerates the sales process of warehouse solutions and we’re confident it will enhance the customer experience.”

Configura’s software, CET Material Handling, brings salespeople, project managers, and engineers together into one software to design, build, implement and sustain material handling solutions. The software automates common tasks, enhances collaboration across departments, and reduces drawing time from months to days, and in some cases, hours.

Manufacturers make their products available in CET by creating an Extension. Extensions are an addition to CET that contains the specifications and data for a given product. Linde Material Handling’s Extension is available for any user for free with the manufacturer’s approval through Configura’s Marketplace.

Configura’s software, including CET, is used by thousands of people worldwide including engineers, salespeople, designers, kitchen specialists, dealerships, and manufacturers. Configura has revolutionized the way office furniture is sold in North America and is now gaining momentum in Europe’s commercial interiors industry as well as other industries including kitchen and bath and material handling. More than 100 manufacturers around the world – including NEDCON, Dematic, Marbodal, Nobia, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Sunon, and Kvik – use CET to sell their products.

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