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BYD Expands Forklift Dealership Network

2021-04-16 10:41 Kind:转载 Author:BYD Source:BYD
BYD announced an expansion of its material handling equipment dealership network, bringing its battery powered technology to new audi...
BYD Forklift (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd

BYD announced an expansion of its material handling equipment dealership network, bringing its battery powered technology to new audiences across America.

The new dealerships in the BYD network are:

Forklift Systems, serving the Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama markets. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and has locations in Birmingham, Alabama and Louisville, Kentucky.

Big River Equipment Inc., serving Central and Eastern Iowa as well as Western Illinois. The company has three locations in Iowa - Bettendorf, Hiawatha, and Waterloo.

LiftTruck Parts and Service Inc., serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. The company has two locations in Massachusetts, West Springfield and Brockton, Massachusetts.

Forklift Systems has joined the BYD network

“Each of these dealerships bring decades of industry experience, a dedication to customer service, and values of integrity and accountability,” said Terry Rains, director of BYD North America's Forklift Division. “Together, we can help customers get the job done with clean, efficient, and affordable solutions.”

BYD’s material handling equipment simplifies operations by delivering a single-battery multi-shift solution. Spare batteries, cooling down batteries, and battery swapping are a thing of the past. BYD forklifts charge to full in under 90 minutes and run for up to 15-plus hours. When using opportunity charging, on breaks and downtime, your operation can truly run for 24 hours without thinking about batteries.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, and some “drop-in” lithium-ion batteries, BYD’s iron phosphate batteries feature high energy density while remaining environmentally friendly. There is no need for special ventilation requirements, watering infrastructure, or corrosion control.

A first in the industry, BYD also offers a 110v/15-amp plug-in charger capable of recharging its iron phosphate batteries. Because the iron-phosphate battery handles opportunity charging easily, you can even plug it in like you would your cell phone.

Established in 1995, and listed in the Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, BYD Co Ltd is a world class manufacturer of gasoline automobiles, electric cars and buses, industrial trucks, IT, and new energy products. As the largest nickel and handset Li-ion battery manufacturer in the world, BYD has also become the fastest-growing Chinese car manufacturer, and the global pioneer in the field of electric vehicles.

BYD’s ultimate goal is to spur mass-market adoption of green technologies and help preserve the environment, reduce air pollution and resolve the global energy crisis. Warren Buffett was impressed by this dream and invested $232 million to take a 9.89% stake. To make the dream come true, BYD has developed a full range of new energy vehicles including dual-mode hybrid cars, pure electric cars, pure electric buses, as well as a Green City Solution. In addition, BYD and Daimler AG have established a joint venture and officially announced the entirely new EV brand Denza in China.

BYD’s Green City Solution aims to electrify urban public transportation systems by transitioning from gasoline and diesel buses and taxis to pure electric ones. Actual solutions have been implemented in China for more than 2 years and BYD seeks to promote similar initiatives in other countries.

The internally developed Fe Battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate battery) and the corresponding Battery Management System technology, which is fitted to BYD electric vehicles, is considered to be the safest, most environment-friendly and advanced, and with the longest service life in the global market.

In 2010, BYD became the world’s first manufacturer of industrial trucks exclusively powered by the Fe batteries, enjoying a far more energy-efficient, safer, cleaner, truly maintenance-free technology than the traditional and cumbersome lead-acid batteries.

Today, the BYD forklift product range includes a counterbalance forklift, a pallet truck, an electric stacker and a reach truck. They make full use of the BYD’s well developed and reliable Fe Battery and Battery Management system to ensure lower operation costs and high operator satisfaction.

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