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Toyota Material Handling UK’s Fleet Management Centre wins TLA Gold award

2021-04-14 09:52 Kind:转载 Author:Toyota Material Handling UK Source:Toyota Material Handling UK
Toyota Material Handling UK’s Fleet Management Centre (F.M.C.) has been awarded the prestigious Toyota Lean Academy (T.L.A.) ‘Gold...
Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Toyota Material Handling UK’s Fleet Management Centre (F.M.C.) has been awarded the prestigious Toyota Lean Academy (T.L.A.) ‘Gold Award’.

The T.L.A. Awards are an annual Toyota Material Handing Europe initiative driven by the Toyota Lean Academy to drive standards in the way of quality assurance, on-time delivery, environmental factors and health and safety. The grading of the Awards is Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Fleet Management Centre is based in Old Dalby, Leicestershire and is responsible for all UK Short term rental (STR), Long term rental (LTR), and Demonstration (DEMO) trucks. The facility also supplies the outstanding “Approved Used” (AU) machines for the UK.

After achieving Silver status in 2019, Sean Reckless, FMC Workshop Manager was the project manager behind the successful bid to achieve Gold. Of the achievement, Sean said:

“The TLA Awards is a European-wide assessment and while as a collective we have been working hard over many years on driving efficiencies and standards throughout the F.M.C., the Awards provide an opportunity to focus on specific areas and recognise the progress within our facility, this gives us a great foundation to build from at the F.M.C.

“To have achieved the Gold status in the year of a global Pandemic is testament to the hard work and dedication of my colleagues in the F.M.C. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without rising to the challenge and working together as a team. It is an outstanding result for us all.

“The work doesn’t stop here however. True to our key Toyota value ‘Kaizen’, which means continuous improvement, we are constantly striving to increase our standards. Already underway are projects designed to reduce lead times, ultimately, with a view to providing our customers an even greater service and experience. As with all of us at Toyota, we are committed to delivering ‘quality in everything we do’.”

Toyota Forklift has launched its full operations in China, including assembly, sales and service. Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd(TMHS),which is 100% invested by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), is the distributor of Toyota Forklift inChina. We would like to support our customer in all ways.


Founded in 1926, Toyota Industries Corporation is the original company of Toyota Group, starting its business of automatic loom. It diversifies into such fields as loom, automobile, industrial equipment, compressor, engine, semiconductor, LCD,MachiningCenter, etc.Toyotaair jet loom, compressor and forklift own the No. 1 market share around the world. Toyota Group consists of 13 companies, such as TICO, Toyota Motor, TTC, etc.

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