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Chip maker sticks with Toyota

2020-11-20 18:34 Kind:转载 Author:Toyota Source:Toyota
A thriving business specialising in the distribution of frozen food and supplies to fish and chip shops has added another new pie...
Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

A thriving business specialising in the distribution of frozen food and supplies to fish and chip shops has added another new piece of Toyota Material Handling equipment to its fleet - an 8 Series gas-powered 2.5 T 32-8FG25 counterbalance forklift - after first buying a Toyota forklift 25 years ago.

Choice Chips has added a 32-8FG25 counterbalance forklift

Choice Chips, based in the light-industrial suburb of Wangara, Western Australia, services three-quarters of the Perth metropolitan area's fish and chip shops, weekly delivering over 65 T of chips, alone.

Owner Michael Xydas says he bought a used 2 T Toyota forklift when he first started his business 26 years ago and that it served him exceptionally for seven or eight years before he sold it privately.

His extensive business journey eventually led him back to Toyota forklifts.

"Toyota has always had a reputation for being one of the best, no question about it. And they're not that expensive nowadays because they're good for the long-term. Their durability is very important and you get your value out of them that way."

Xydas' latest acquisition, a 2.5 T 32-8FG25 counterbalance forklift, joins an 8 Series battery electric 1.8 T 8FBR18 stand up reach forklift he bought last year and which he describes as "the best machine we've got here, because it can take any pallet we have".

Asked what he likes most about his Toyotas, Xydas says: "You know you're not going to have accidents and problems that stop them, so it gives you reassurance."

Toyota Forklift has launched its full operations in China, including assembly, sales and service. Toyota Material Handling (Shanghai) Co., Ltd(TMHS),which is 100% invested by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), is the distributor of Toyota Forklift inChina. We would like to support our customer in all ways.


Founded in 1926, Toyota Industries Corporation is the original company of Toyota Group, starting its business of automatic loom. It diversifies into such fields as loom, automobile, industrial equipment, compressor, engine, semiconductor, LCD,MachiningCenter, etc.Toyotaair jet loom, compressor and forklift own the No. 1 market share around the world. Toyota Group consists of 13 companies, such as TICO, Toyota Motor, TTC, etc.

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