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Crown Equipment Now Offers Lead-Acid Batteries

2020-10-13 17:24 Kind:转载 Author:Crown Source:Crown
Crown Equipment Corporation, New Bremen, Ohio, has added lead-acid batteries to its range of forklift-related products.Adding lead-aci...
Crown Lift Trucks Commercial (Shanghai) Co,.Ltd.

Crown Equipment Corporation, New Bremen, Ohio, has added lead-acid batteries to its range of forklift-related products.

Adding lead-acid batteries expands the company’s line of V-Force forklift batteries, chargers, and accessories.

It also strengthens Crown’s position as a single source for lift trucks and the power solutions and services needed to keep them running.

V-Force Lead-Acid Batteriescan provide a cost-effective power solution for a range of duty cycles, including multi-shift operations. Crown’s V-Force line offers two lead-acid battery options: flat plate and tubular designs.

·Flat Plate Lead-Acid Batteries are a more traditional, lower-cost design for electric lift trucks. Their robust design makes them durable in rough applications. To minimize positive active material shedding and corrosion, this model features a five-layer wrap and heavy grid construction.

·Tubular Lead-Acid Batteries increase the surface area of active material to improve productivity and extend run times for multi-shift applications. Crown’s tubular batteries feature a first-of-its-kind flexible bolt-on inter-cell cable connector. This connector allows easy maintenance, higher current delivery with less internal resistance, and lower operating temperature. The fully insulated flex connectors and post bolts prevent arcing and lead exposure. Standard tubular cells requiring less maintenance are available as are high-capacity cells for high duty cycle applications where increased run time is needed.

“Not only does Crown offer flexible, versatile motive power products, but we also have the expert guidance and resources to work closely with customers to build a complete power system for any application,” said Todd Fleck, director of parts and motive power at Crown Equipment. “Having one single source that offers forklifts, chargers, and batteries enables our customers to pick the efficient, reliable, and affordable power solution specifically configured for their applications. Our customers also gain unparalleled access to Crown’s consistent, quality support and service on every level of the lift truck operation.” 

The full V-Force Lead-Acid Battery line is supported by Crown’s extensive service and distribution network and the company’s professional technicians who are trained to help extend the life of batteries and charger while helping customers increase productivity and avoid unexpected repairs and downtime.

The lead-acid batteries are fully compatible with V-Force high frequency chargers, helping ensure the forklifts, batteries, and chargers work together to increase uptime and performance. Systems may be shipped pre-configured with options such as watering kits, Blinky electrolyte monitors, and battery monitoring identification devices.

Crown previously announced its V-Force Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems in late 2019. The V-Force Lithium-Ion batteries present a number of operational advantagesand are ideal for multi-shift operations because they readily accept frequent opportunity charging at high recharge rates throughout each shift, without risking damage to the battery. The full integration of the system into the lift truck allows for increased flexibility, scalability and convenience.

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