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bauma China 2014: 2014 expects steady growth of China Construction Machinery

2014-01-27 10:13 Kind:转载 Author:bauma Source:bauma
China construction machinery has ever experienced helpless backwardness, made fantastic leaps under the government i...

China construction machinery has ever experienced helpless backwardness, made fantastic leaps under the government investment stimulation, and also felt about the reality of insipid development. 2012 awoke the china construction machinery enterprises from the dream of dramatic growth; 2013 is the year of overall integration and strategic adjustment. According to the industry data, china construction machinery has a moderate rebound by the end of 2013, although it will not go back to the previous rapid growth rate. Some industry professional believes that looking back to the development of international construction machinery market, sustainable growth is the normal and healthy development.

bauma China has always been regarded as the barometer of China construction machinery’s development. bauma China 2012 has gathered about 3,000 exhibitors from China and abroad, attracted nearly 180,000 industry visitors coming for business and technology exchange. The entire exhibition is a microcosm of the industry, indicating the industry status quo and trends.bauma China 2014 will be held from November 25 to 28, 2014 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre, to provide the industry feast of new products, business talks and latest news. Since the exhibitor application started, we have received great support from domestic and overseas construction machinery enterprises. February 15, 2014 is the closing day for the first batch of applications. Although it is half a month away from the deadline, the number of new international exhibitors has increased by 30%, which shows that the international construction machinery is still optimistic about the Chinese market. 

With steady economic recovery and improvement in infrastructure, China construction machinery in 2014 has some good signs of development. The executive vice president of China Communications and Transportation Association said that in 2004 China will increase its investment in railways and the total investment is definitely higher than 650 billion. Meanwhile, the director’s conference of National Water Resources Bureau announced, in 2014 China will accelerate the construction of a significant number of key water conservancy projects in the leading role, and actively deepen reform to break the system barriers that restrict water development. In addition, the concept of “city cluster”proposed in the new urbanization has been the focus of local governments, the construction machinery industry and its related industries. And many provinces have launched a variety of plans for city cluster and economic circle, which provides more opportunities for the construction machinery industry.

In2014, our words are full of blessings of the new horse year. And in China construction machinery industry, we also witnessed some dark horses grasped the good opportunity to make a leap, and some lame horses struggled in the fierce competition.We should be already aware that construction machinery industry is by no means a speculative industry, it needs to be down to earth to make better product,to truly meet the needs of customers through continuous study and technological innovation. bauma China has spent its past 12 years accompanying the construction machinery enterprises to grow, witnessed numerous product technology upgrading as well as the growth of many industry giants. The exhibition shows the ups and downs of the construction machinery industry here, and this is truest law of development. 2014 Spring Festival is approaching;the organizers of bauma China hereby wish everyone a happy family and success! Wished the Chinese construction machinery a steady and strong growth!

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