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3.5T LPG forklift with NISSAN engine HH35Z-W21-L

3.5T LPG forklift with NISSAN engine HH35Z-W21-L


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Rated Output: 37.4KW/2300RPM

Rated Torque: 171.2N.m/1600rpm

No. of Cylinder: 4

Bore X Stroke: 89X 100MM

Displacement: 2.488L

1)      Intelligent buffer design avoids sharp collision and minimizes the risk of damage during lowering of loads, wide-view mast also provides high-visibility to the operator

2)      fashionable dashboard is combined with exquisite LCD screen and different meters, provides easy access and convenient service via diagnosis system

3)      The wholly integrated frame and suspension chassis enhances durability &safety for long-term operation

4)      Chinese Automatic transmission with TCM technology improves operator’s efficiency, responding rapidly and smoothly

5)      High-capacity aluminum radiator is designed for efficient thermal transfer fin and oil cooler for the transmission torque converter, assists in improving longevity of engines

6)      Wide-open, non-slip step make getting in and out easier and safe. suspension seat and the wide paddle with ample legroom provides easy access to spacious cabin and offers maximum seating comfort

7)      Wide range of diesel,gasoline and LPG engine options