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Jungheinrich ETV Q20/ETV Q25 ETV Q20/ETV Q25

Jungheinrich ETV Q20/ETV Q25 ETV Q20/ETV Q25


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Multi-directional reach trucks are utilised wherever long loads are transported in narrow aisles and need to be lifted to high lift heights. Due to electric all-wheel steering, loads up to 8m in length can be transported and stored, maximising space in the warehouse.

Seven travel programs are available for this purpose: from improved normal operation and turning on the spot to sideways
and parallel travel. In the travel mode “improved normal operation”, the already small turning radius is further reduced by
up to 34 % through simultaneous load wheel steering. The ETV Q is thus superior to any conventional 4-way stacker.

Steering change-over from 180° to 360° provides the choice between minimum turning radius and fast travel direction change.

The onboard computer combines a number of functions in one operating display. Multi-occupied function keys and a colour
display allow the operator full control and access options to travel modes or performance parameters.

As well as excellent productivity is outstanding cost effectiveness:

Increased travel and lift performance for more pallet throughput.

Long operating times through energy reclamation during braking and lowering the load (patented).

Smaller aisle width requirement due to tried and tested reach mast principle.

Significantly reduced mast vibrations due to patented mast forward reach cushioning system.

An extensive options catalogue and many battery variants from 420 to 930 Ah ensure the trucks suitability for any application.

Ergonomic cockpit Ergonomic cockpit
The operator cab provides ideal working conditions for excellent performance and support for the operator.
Comfort seat with adjustment options for every operator (sitting position/backrest/ body weight).
Various storage facilities.
Important operating functions are accessible without reaching round.
Generous space.
3-phase AC steering on all three wheels with switch-over facility from 180° to 360°.
Pedals arranged as in a motor car.
MULTI-PILOT control lever
A conveniently positioned lever for controlling all hydraulic functions as well as travel direction and horn.
All operating functions are within view and are clearly accessed with one function.
Maxiimum productivity due to simultaneous operation of two hydraulic functions (e.g. lifting and reaching).
Only supplementary attachments are operated with the additional lever (optional).
Sensitive operation of hydraulics (e.g. lifting and lowering) through proportional valve control.

MULTI-PILOT and onboard computer Onboard computer
The onboard computer combines many functions in one operating display that ensure economic efficiency and reliability during daily operations.
Large colour screen (TFT display).
Choice of 7 different travel modes.
Travel direction display and speedometer.
Simple fault diagnosis can be carried out in the service mode.
PIN access authorisation with user administration (optional).
Height selection for faster stacking at high lift heights (optional).
Control monitor for video camera (optional).

Space-saving transport of long loads 3-phase AC technology
Powerful 3-phase AC technology for travel, lift and steering drives provide a number of advantages compared with traditional direct current motors.
Powerful acceleration.
Fast reversing without delay.
High availability due to maintenancefree motors without carbon brushes.
Longer operating times due to energy reclamation on reducing travel speed load lowering.
2-year warranty on all 3-phase AC motors.
Performance-efficient mast
Jungheinrich masts guarantee maximum safety and storage utilisation to high lift heights.
Excellent visibility towards the load.
Patented mast forward reach cushioning.
Lowest closed mast heights at high lift heights.
Extremely long service life due to colddrawn mast profiles.
Energy feed-back with patented regenerative lowering.
High residual capacities up to high lift heights.
Lift heights up to 9620 mm.