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Jungheinrich Self-supporting tiller-controlled stacker (600–1200 kg) EJG 206–212

Jungheinrich Self-supporting tiller-controlled stacker (600–1200 kg) EJG 206–212


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The EJG as a self-supporting tiller-controlled stacker is applied wherever support arm stackers cannot be used (e.g. during sideways pick-up of pallets, with special loading aids, where racking with collision protection is installed). With a total width of only 850 mm, the truck can also be effortlessly manoeuvred in confined warehouse areas.

The EJG in pedestrian mode can be operated without a driver certificate and is therefore suitable for applications where personnel change frequently.

As a flexible universal stacker, the EJG is also the right truck for tougher applications.


Very robust chassis and load section.

Powerful motors.

Most up-to-date control electronics.

Excellent energy management.

Ergonomic advantages:

The low mounted long tiller ensures a safe distance in all situations.

The crawl speed button helps in very confined spaces. It facilitates travel with the tiller in upright position at an automatically

reduced speed.

The EJG takes all its power requirements from batteries with up to 375 Ah.

Powerful drive motor and “intelligent” control
Advanced shunt-wound drive technology and control electronics (SpeedControl) ensure safe travel with adjustment possibilities for every application:
The speed set on the travel switch is maintained in all travel situations, including on upward and downward gradients.
The EJG brakes automatically if unintentional roll-back occurs on the ramp.
Adjustable travel parameters mean the truck can be adapted to your individual requirements.
Regenerative braking, reclaiming battery power when the truck decelerates.
2-year warranty on drive motor.
Comfortable stacking and retrieval
All lifting and lowering functions can be controlled from the tiller head, eliminating the need to reach round. The EJG has a lever on the truck chassis for particularly sensitive lifting and lowering. Reduced maintenance
Service-friendly components ensure longterm reduction in operating costs:
Easy access to all components due to the one-piece front cover.
The drive wheel is detachable quickly and easily through a drill hole in the chassis apron.

Robust construction also for intensive applications

Chassis made of high-quality 8 mm steel.
Additional collision protection on battery compartment.
The robust chassis also serves as counterweight.

Standard: 3 EPzS 345 Ah.
Increased capacity: 3 EPzS 375 Ah.
Well-informed at any time
Control instruments such as battery discharge meter provide a complete overview at any time.