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HELI shines at MODEX 2024 with cutting-edge products and unprecedented presence

2024-03-19 10:54 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
HELItook center stage at MODEX 2024, showcasing 12 top-selling products at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, U.S.A., un...
Anhui Heli Co.,Ltd.

HELItook center stage at MODEX 2024, showcasing 12 top-selling products at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, U.S.A., under the expansive exhibition space of approximately 380 square meters (Booth Numbers: A11109/A11309). This premier trade show for manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution industries witnessed HELI's commitment to excellence and innovation. 

With nearly 1,200 exhibitors covering diverse industry sectors, MODEX drew tens of thousands of professionals seeking the latest in automation technology, logistics equipment, information systems, and warehousing solutions. HELI seized the opportunity to present its hottest products tailored for the North American market, creating waves with offerings like cushion tire forklifts, three/four-wheel Li-ion forklifts, walkie straddle pallet stackers, walkie pallet trucks, and electric tractors.

Notably, HELI's impactful presence extended beyond its product lineup. The company, represented by Heli America Inc. and more than forty invited North American agents, showcased an unprecedented scale of participation. The exhibition became a platform for strategic discussions, including the grand launch of the H4 series 2640 lbs three-wheel Li-ion forklift and G2 series 4400 lbs Li-ion platform truck, further enhancing HELI's product spectrum in the North American market.

As HELIcontinues to carve its path in North America Market, the exhibition served as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products, exceptional services, and flawless after-sales support. Despite facing fierce competition, HELI stands strong, consistently expanding its brand influence and market share, propelled by a momentum of robust development.

HELI's resounding success at MODEX 2024 not only solidifies its position in the North American market but also sets the stage for future innovations and collaborations. As HELI looks ahead, the company remains dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and contributing to the evolution of manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution industries.

Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1958 with the fore name Hefei Mine Machinery Plant- the core enterprise of Anhui Forklift Truck Group. In September 1993, Anhui Forklift Truck Group established the company exclusively in mode of finacing. In September 1996,the company issued 30 million stocks to the public, in the same year it was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange on October 9th with a stock short name of "Anhui Heli" and a stock code of ‘600761’. Till December 31, 2005, the total capital stock of Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. were 30.7 million , with the circulation stock of 17.8 million, the total assets of 1.47 billion RMB,and the net assets of 1.05 billion RMB.

Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. mainly engages in the production and sales of forklift trucks,wheel loaders,engineering machinery,mining machinery, foundry parts,heat treatment manufacture. Metal materials, chemical raw materials (not including dangerous goods), electronic products, electrical machinery, rubber products sale; machinery technology consultation, information services and so on business; real estate, equipment property rent.

The leading products forklift truck and various types of warehouse equipment with "HELI" brand are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises,ports and harbors, airports, construction sites, shopping malls, warehouses, and for short distance transportation.Since established in 1993, Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. has set up the management idea of "transform traditional industry by the high and new technology", devoting to the research and development in forklift trucks and necessary components. Also it has been presenting many new products to public such as the forklift truck of X series, α series, H2000 series and G Series step by step, particularly the H2000 series forklift truck promoted in 2000 has the competitive advantages against with the similar products in the world and now is the leading product of our company with high performance, safe reliable, low noise and etc.; in 2005 the company has promoted a new generation of environmental protection G series forklift truck, further strengthenes the company’s competitive advantage in future. Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. also has developed the green environmental protection storage battery forklift, the petroleum liquid gas forklift and other new products. At present, its forklift truck and components products are the most full-specification,the largest scale,and their comprehensive performance is in the leading position at national same profession level, partial products even reach the international advanced level.

Otherwise the company has the most complete industry system with the biggest vanishing mold casting production base, the biggest cylinder production base, and the biggest steering axle production base in domestic forklift truck industry, also has the domestic leading forklift truck R&D,manufacturing, testing and inspecting ability, and each main economic index ranked No.1 in domestic same profession continuously for 18 years.Located in Hefei, the central province of Anhui, Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. belongs to the equipment manufacturing industry,and its development conforms with the political spirit of Rise of Central China Plan, lays great strength on the equipment manufacturing industry,the company is also listed in the Govenmental "861" activity plan and Main Pillar Industries which is the fixed-point production enterprise of Military Equipment for General Logistics Department of the People's Liberation Army.

Anhui HeLi Co.,Ltd. has passed ISO9001(2000) Quality System Certifications, CE Certification of imported and exported commodities, ISO14001 environmental management system, and was rewarded as "high-tech enterprises" in National High-Tech Zone by Scientific Office in Anhui province."HELI" brand has been successively rewarded as "No.1 Brand of Chinese Forklift Market","The Most Influential Brand of Chinese Forklift Market" and was rewarded as "The Key Export Brand with Fostered and Promoted by the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C"and "Famous Trademark of China". It was named as "User Satisfactory Product Nationwide" by User Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection Center and has been rewarded the names as "Satisfactory Service from Nationwide Users" and "Satisfactory Enterprise from Nationwide Users".

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