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New Release: High-voltage Lithium Battery Rough Terrain Forklift

2023-11-14 13:30 Kind:转载 Author: HANGCHA Source: HANGCHA
We are very excited to announce the new arrival of our electric rough terrain forklifts powered by high-voltage lithium batteries....

We are very excited to announce the new arrival of our electric rough terrain forklifts powered by high-voltage lithium batteries. The High-voltage lithium battery rough terrain forklifts range from 2.5-3.5t and feature as high performance as diesel one while enjoying zero-emission, reduced noise, and low total cost of ownership.

" We are extremely delighted and proud to be the first domestic company to introduce the high-voltage lithium battery rough terrain forklift. The new lithium-powered rough terrain forklifts adopt the mature lithium-ion technology developed by Hangcha while keeping those good designs in diesel ones to enable them to adapt to various bad road conditions. So it will be a perfect solution for customers who want a clean, green, and powerful rough terrain forklift." Geroge Zhang, deputy general manager of Hangcha International said. 

Tough Alternative to IC Rough Terrain Forklift

By adopting the design of high ground clearance, large passing angle, and wide-base deep tread tires, its travel speed is up to 26km/h, lift speed is up to 660mm/s, and gradability is up to 63%, so you won’t compromise any performance. 

In addition, the differential mechanism lock and one-click switchover between double-drive mode and four-drive mode delivers ultimate traction despite the most severe weather conditions and rough operating surfaces. The electrical connectors of the forklifts are specifically designed with waterproofing, while the high-voltage electrical components meet the IP67 standard for dust and water resistance to ensure reliability in indoor and outdoor operational environments. Mature Lithium Technology Outperforms & Leads the IndustryThe lithium-powered rough terrain forklift features a battery of up to 317V/150Ah, and the mature lithium technology outperforms and provides operators with several key advantages. 

These advantages include 

  • Fastest charging time to reach full charge: 1.5 hours; 

  • Long life cycle: after 4000 cycles charge & discharge, a retention rate of more than 75%;

  • 90% of the overall cost can be reduced compared with diesel forklift;

  • 25% reduction in energy consumption upon permanent magnet synchronous system; 

  • Zero emissions; 

  • Reduced noise; 

  • Maintenance-free battery packs. 

  • Lithium Battery & Charging PotIn a word, the new lithium-powered rough terrain forklifts can overtake any obstacles, no matter how hard the conditions are. They are perfect in construction sites, farming areas, mining, energy, forestry industries, etc. Additionally, Hangcha now offers a comprehensive range of high-voltage forklifts, including the XH series with a high-voltage capacity of up to 48t, as well as the XH series empty container handler and the 45t capacity reach stacker. Stay tuned, as there is more to come! 

HC forklift Company, a dedicated forklift maker in China, was founded in 1956. It got a great success since privatized in 2000 and became a world main player in this line now. Our growth is the result of our commitment to supply economic forklifts with high reliability to all our customers.

HC Forklift pursuits the application of new technology developing in the field of forklift and utilizes the global components resources like Nissan, Isuzu engine and Danaher emotion AC controller system etc. It enables us to supply hi-performance products with the new technology and economic forklift truck with low maintenance cost. The new assembling hall over 15,000 square meters expands its annual production capacity exceeding 30,000 units and dominate the Chinese industrial and ensure stability for users as well as dealers and distributors. 

In order to make our customers from all over the world easy, HC forklift continues to extend its sales and service network. All of these services would be available from your local HC forklift truck dealer.  Let us enjoy the benefit coming  from the growth of China together.

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