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UN Forklift’s New Model - VE Series Lithium-ion Forklift 3.0T

2024-02-01 14:08 Kind:转载 Author:forkliftaction Source:forkliftaction
Economic lithium-ion forkliftUnder the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction, here at UN Forkliftwe wanted to develop ...

Economic lithium-ion forklift

Under the trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction, here at UN Forkliftwe wanted to develop a high-cost effective (affordable) lithium battery forklift, a new concept Lithium-ion forklift which combines the advantage of IC and electric forklift for niche market, so the NL series was born and launched in April of 2021.

Based on the success of NL series, we found there is also demand for lithium-ion forklifts with higher performance and longer working time. That's why we developed the V series and launched it in September of 2022.

Due to the success of the V series, we found out there is market for V series style lithium-ion forklifts with small capacity battery and super competitive cost for specific industries. Since then, we've now developed the VE series, which will be available in July 2023.

A modern design lithium-ion forklift for specific industry applications, here are some key highlights of the UN VE series:

  • Super Cost-Competitive

  • 20% lower than the standard V-Series.

  • 2-3 Hours Operation

  • Built-in Charger

  • Optimized Ergonomic Design

  • Wider operation space, 50% bigger than traditional electric forklift and even some IC forklift;

  • LED screen let the driver know the information of the forklift.

  • Easier Maintenance 

  • Big open angle hood & larger inside space for a better access to main parts

  • Stronger and More Flexibility

  • Higher Ground Clearance

  • Casting Steering Axle

  • Famous Lithium Battery for Forklift in China - EKITO

  • The Best Lithium-ion Technology;

  • Integrated BMS;

  • 5-Years warranty,about 4000 times cycle;

  • 3rd-generation battery,with IP67 waterproof&dustproof;

  • Can-bus monitor the forklift all the time.

  • Side Pull Battery Design

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