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Project ULBS: Load more Possibilities

2023-05-17 09:48 Kind:转载 Author: HANGCHA Source: HANGCHA
According to the World Industrial Vehicle Statistics Association (WITS), over 2.18 million material handling units were ordered durin...

According to the World Industrial Vehicle Statistics Association (WITS), over 2.18 million material handling units were ordered during the 2022 calendar year. Of the 2.18 million units, 1.16 million units were electric-powered forklifts, accounting for more than 53% of the total orderand winning more popularity from customers around the world. 

In 2022, Hangcha sold 230.4 thousand units, among which 50% are electric forklifts.Thanks to the leading lithium-ion technology, Hangcha lithium-ion forklifts win the trust and favor of famous companies in varied industries, such as whole sales / retails, food, home and appliance, furniture, farm machinery, auto, and energy. 

Project ULBS

Some of our customers ask how could they benefit from the advantages brought by our lithium-ion technology. 

First, buy our lithium-ion forklifts; 

Second, convert your lead-acid battery to our lithium-ion batteries. 

In 2022, Hangcha Launched a new project, called project Universal Lithium Battery Solutions (ULBS). This is a project developed by Hangcha and world-leading lithium-ion battery companies. This is a new solution that will allow end users to convert their lead-acid-powered electric material handling equipment, from any brandto a lithium-Ion powered unit within 15 minutes.We also presented this solution during the PROMAT 2023, which attracted much attention and brought many surprises to our visitors. 

Project ULBS Battery Pack Solution

Lead-acid batteries VS lithium batteries

You may be wondering about the difference between these two power solutions, here I would like to make a brief comparison of them for your reference. 

ContentLead-acid battery Lithium-ion battery
VolumeLarge2/3 of lead-acid battery
WeightHeavy1/3-1/4 of lead-acid battery
Charging time (hours)8-102
Longevity800-1000 cycles of charge-discharge4000 cycles of charge-discharge

residual capacity >75% capacity

MaintenanceWater refilling 1 time/3-5daysMaintenance-free
Environmentally-friendliness and safety Hazardous gases generated during chargingZero emission
PerformanceAffected by temperature and weatherCan run -20-55℃ 


We can see from the above sheet that our lithium-ion technology gives material handling equipment several key benefits such as fast charging, long run time, long life, and maintenance-free battery. In addition, as the lithium-ion battery enjoys double the energy density than that of a lead-acid one, more space can be saved and then provided for our operators. And for the lithium-ion battery, is waterproof with an IPX4 water resistance rate, which will enable you to work both indoors and outdoors. What's more, for all the batteries in the project, over 300 tests such as shock test, fire test, crush test, vibration test, etc. have been done to ensure the batteries are safe and reliable. 

Over 300 tests have been done for the lithium-ion batteries 

Load more Possibilities

In a word, by converting to our lithium-ion batteries, you will be able to power your existing equipment with the same battery technology that our full line of lithium-ion-powered material handling equipment continues to successfully use. In addition, our newly founded company Zhejiang Hangcha Global Service Co., Ltd will focus and provide quick and high-quality service for this project. Choose Hangcha project ULBS, and load more possibilities. 

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