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Order Picking Accuracy Speeds Up Distribution

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Richardson Millinguses premium oat ingredients in its oat processing facility in South Sioux City, Nebraska, delivering a top-quality...

Richardson Millinguses premium oat ingredients in its oat processing facility in South Sioux City, Nebraska, delivering a top-quality product to global customers. As the largest oat miller in North America, the company employs state-of-the-art-technology on premises to deliver roughly 380 tons of raw oats per day.


The Nebraska distribution center is a very efficient space. “When we built the distribution center, we didn’t have a lot of space to go horizontal,” explains Kurt Eriksen, operations analysis at Richardson Milling “We have a lot of vertical space, and Jungheinrichwas able to get the capacity we needed to get to that upper level.”

Maintaining capacity at high lift heights is important as they lift up to 2,500 lbs., reaching up to 503 inches in the air. Jason Holzwarth comments, “With the Jungheinrich turret truck, it’s easy to operate, and you’re never out of your comfort zone.”


In addition to retaining capacity at high lift heights, Eriksen chose the Jungheinrich turret truck because of Warehouse Navigationand the advantage it gave Richardson Milling.

“Warehouse Navigation takes a lot of time out of loading and unloading product from the racks,” explains Eriksen. “It’s improved our efficiencies as far as period-end counts. We know exactly what we have in the racks and where it’s located. It’s reduced our cycle count times by a great deal.”


Now that Richardson Milling is utilizing two Jungheinrich turret trucks in their facility, they’ve experienced the turret trucks’ long run times on one battery charge. “After a full shift, (the Jungheinrich turret truck) will still have 70-80% on the battery life,” says Ceceil Bridges, one of Richardson’s turret truck operators. “With the extended run times we’re able to get from the (Jungheinrich) turret trucks, we can go 3-4 shifts without having to plug them in to recharge them.”

As a leading global oat miller in North America, Richardson Milling expects their forklifts to perform at a high standard. Their team works daily to meet their customers’ needs through quality, service, value and innovation.

“We would whole-heartedly recommend this system - the turret truck and the Warehouse Navigation system - to anybody,” Doug Stucky comments.

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