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From one job to the next with Palfinger FLC 253 Truck Mounted Forklift

2022-12-14 11:50 Kind:转载 Author:mhwmagazine Source:mhwmagazine
It’s powerful, maneuverable, and versatile — the PALFINGER truck mounted forklift FLC 253. It demonstrates everything it can do w...

It’s powerful, maneuverable, and versatile — the PALFINGER truck mounted forklift FLC 253. It demonstrates everything it can do when deployed to job sites in Sweden. No construction site is too small, too narrow or too challenging. Quickly unloaded from the truck, it completes its tasks in record time.

A typical construction site, bumpy terrain and enormous time pressure — a situation many transport companies know only too well, including the CEO of the Swedish transport company MIJ Transport, Zelimir Mijatovic. Speed, maneuverability and maximum flexibility are the order of the day, and the PALFINGER FLC 253 truck mounted forklift delivers in full. When the transport company owner arrives at the next job site with his truck, he has the FLC 253 onboard ready for action. It means you have complete independence when delivering goods. With the TMF FLC 253, you don’t need assistance from third parties to unload on site.

Ready for action in record time

From construction to timber and recycling, the FLC 253 is used almost everywhere. With a load capacity of 2.5 tons, the truck mounted forklift can load and unload heavy goods and building materials with ease. Thanks to the ground control panel at the rear, it only takes 30 seconds for the forklift to undock from the Swedish transport company’s truck and be ready for action. The scissor lift makes it possible to load and unload materials from any side of the loading area so the pallets with construction material are unloaded from the truck one by one, carefully and safely, but also at record speed. Working with the TMF FLC 253 is much faster than unloading materials using a tail lift, for example. With the truck mounted forklift onboard, MIJ Transport can deliver materials and goods to its customers even faster and more efficiently and as a result complete more orders per day.

Customer service that’s special

Zelimir Mijatovic appreciates the advantages of the FLC 253 and can rely on PALFINGER quality for carrying out his work: “We often deliver goods and materials to our customers in difficult terrain, such as on large construction sites, where pallet trucks and conventional tail lifts have limited capabilities and are difficult to deploy. That is why we chose the PALFINGER FLC 253, which delivers impressive power and enormous maneuverability. This makes work much easier for us,” says Mijatovic. “Customers are often excited to watch the unloading process because it runs so smoothly. And that’s something special,” adds Mijatovic with a smile. Powerful, flexible and always ready for action, the PALFINGER FLC 253 truck mounted forklift lives up to its reputation.

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