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RTITB launches new Pivot Steer Truck Training Materials

2023-02-17 11:07 Kind:转载 Author:mhwmagazine Source:mhwmagazine
RTITB has released updated training materials to help improve rider-operated Pivot Steer truck safety through high quality training....

RTITB has released updated training materials to help improve rider-operated Pivot Steer truck safety through high quality training. It also prepares candidates for the RTITB Basic Operating Skills Test.

“We have seen a 23% increase in demand for Pivot Steer training compared to before the pandemic,” says Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB. “Employers must be aware that articulated machines are very different to ‘standard’ counterbalance lift trucks. So different operator training is needed, even for experienced operators.”

The new Pivot Steer training materials have been designed to give qualified Instructors and Trainers everything they need to deliver high quality, standardised training. The digital materials include an Instructors’ Guide and PowerPoint presentation. As well as mock theory papers, associated knowledge question papers, course handouts, and test marking sheets.

In-house Instructors and external training providers can use the new materials to deliver courses for novice and existing operators. They can also be used for conversion and refresher training for industrial pivot steer trucks (sometimes referred to as Bendi, Flexi, or Aisle Master trucks).

The course culminates with a formal test to verify that the training candidates can meet the minimum recognised basic safety standard. Candidates must demonstrate understanding of pre-use checks. It also covers identifying faults, taking the appropriate remedial action, and reporting. A practical test is also required. There is also a written or oral associated knowledge examination. All elements must be passed to successfully complete the course.

While the new course and test covers the basic principles of Pivot Steer operation – such as manoeuvring, stability fundamentals, stacking and destacking – Specific Job and Familiarisation will play an important part in operator training.

“Most Pivot Steer trucks are used to work with loads in high density racking systems. Here, there may be big differences in the tasks required and lift configurations,” says Laura. “It is the responsibility of the employer to deliver training that applies to the specific situation that the operator will be working in, accounting for the complexities of the tasks at hand, and the specific type of equipment that will be used in the live environment.”

The new materials are provided paperless on USB. This helps businesses to save money by only printing what is needed.

To support businesses going paper free, the MyRTITB TrainingFriend App – part of the RTITB Accreditation service – has been revised with the new testing standards. The app enables 100% digital administration and assessment.

The RTITB eLibrary has also been updated with the new materials. For an annual subscription, the RTITB eLibrary gives access to a full range of ready-to-go lift truck, plant and LGV training materials in a single online portal.

The new RTITB Pivot Steer guide is available now from the RTITB Shop for £110+VAT. It has been updated and written in line with the current P1 Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) code. The ABA standards have not yet been updated for this equipment type, so the materials do not include an ABA test. However, the new RTITB guide reflects the ABA philosophy, helping to align and heighten standards in the interim.

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