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Jungheinrich hosts media event, showcases AGVs

2022-04-07 10:00 Kind:转载 Author:mmh Source:mmh
On Tuesday, Jungheinrich (Booth B8819) held a media event with a variety of product demonstrations.During the event, company leaders...

On Tuesday, Jungheinrich (Booth B8819) held a media event with a variety of product demonstrations.

During the event, company leaders focused on two automatic guided vehicles (AGVs): the EZS 350a NA (based on Jungheinrich’s standard series tow tractor) and the EKS 215a (based on its stacker).

Combining mechanical engineering with precision navigation technology, ensuring highly effective, reliable production, the EZS 350a NA can be used in mixed operations mode with manual trucks and pedestrians. With laser navigation, and capable of towing up to 11,000 pounds, the electric tow tractor decreases delivery times to assembly and production lines, and it enables the automated handling of repeatable transport processes to each.

The EKS 215a, a stacker capable of handling loads up to 3,300 pounds, is ideal for mixed operations with manual trucks and pedestrians in warehouses and production areas. Featuring a 24V lithium-ion battery, the stacker has an automatic charging function, along with a user-friendly HMI touch display.

“These systems are offering attendees a look at the possibilities where AGVs can be solutions to automate redundant, mundane tasks,” said Kai Beckhaus, president at MCJ Supply Chain Solutions. “Additionally, they’ll streamline processes for higher productivity and reallocate employee resources to higher-value jobs.”

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