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Electrically driven G2200E X-TRA makes it easier to fulfil tasks underground.

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No emissions below main stationConstruction work in narrow spaces and within buildings is always quite a challenge for all particip...

No emissions below main station

Construction work in narrow spaces and within buildings is always quite a challenge for all participants. At the moment a new shopping area is going to be built below Frankfurt main station once the intermediate level is fully renovated. On this building site of the Oettinger GmbH from Malsch, Germany, a GIANT G2200E X-TRA from TOBROCO-GIANTtook over a lot of stretches of way which the employees had to walk with a lifting truck at first - which made it a lot easier and also avoided any emissions.

Frankfurt, main station: Later, there will be people striding along shops and passengers walking quickly up to the trains of the S-Bahn. At the moment, a GIANT G2200E X-TRA is busy in this space for the whole day. Its job is to transport all the sorted waste out of the way, so that the workers get ahead with their work quickly. Since autumn of 2020 17 employees of the Oettinger GmbH from Malsch, Germany, are working on the underground site on the reconstruction of the intermediate level. They tear out walls and renovate the stair cases that lead to the main station. During this process a lot of material from the former structures have to be torn out and transported away.

E-GIANT takes over transport

Due to the situation at the building site, to get rid of the demolition waste is quite a challenge: All work has to be done within a building, within the normal room height and below the ground. At the same time it is important to be considerate of the needs of shops and residents. „During the first weeks we had to take out the waste with the help of lifting trucks, which took ages“, recounts Wladimir Reinich, who is foreman at the building site. To fulfil this task the team had to walk many kilo meters with the lifting truck every day, as the building site covers about 6000 m2 . It became clear very quickly that another solution had to be found. This was done by Kurt Krämer, sales representative of GIANT-dealer Kiesel. He recommended the G2200E X-TRA to Oettinger GmbH.

Because of its compact measures the G2200E X-TRA is the ideal machine to work underground.

Image source: TOBROCO-GIANT

E-GIANT as ideal solution for indoors work

„This is exactly the machine which we need here in Frankfurt“, gushes Reinch. „The electrical GIANT is compact and versatile - when we drive it we don’t have to worry about the supporting columns nor the sprinkler system.“ Actually, in spite of the impressing lifting power of 2.200 kg the GIANT G2200E X-TRA is  built very compactly regarding its height of 2.300 mm. Even when working with a bucket there is no problem concerning the low ceiling. Also, the lift frame of the X-TRA is lower than with the standard version, so that the tipping loads are higher. The articulated steering makes sure that the loader acts versatile within the restricted space, which makes a perfect match of the machine to the site.

Visibly quite old and ragged: The entries leading to the intermediate level of Frankfurt main station. 375 million Euro will be used until 2024 for rebuilding and renovation.

Image source: TOBROCO-GIANT

E-drive takes off worries

The electrical drive has been the requirement for a machine to work on the intermediate level in Frankfurt. So the G2200E X-TRA meets the requirements of the building promoter Deutsche Bahn as well as the needs of the residents. Without producing noise or emissions the loader is working reliably and makes work below the ground much easier for the team. „For our customer the E-loader really makes the perfect choice“, says Kurt Krämer.

Within a second the engine is started and the loader darts away - there is no way to work with more flexibility. Once the G2200E is not at work it can be found at the battery charging point which is provided by Deutsche Bahn. During the planned three years of construction time there are hardly any maintenance costs. For the owner of the machine, the Oettinger GmbH, this is a great part of the amortisation of the machine. As GIANT-dealer Kiesel sees reliably to the service, the only thing that is left to be done by the team is to put in the plug to load the machine and see to the very few maintenance tasks the machine requires.

Wheel loader in continuous operation

„The loader is continually at work“, says Reinich. “If it is charged overnight, we get along with the battery for the whole day, even with intensive work.“ Six weeks after delivery 122 working hours showed on the operation-hour counter -  so you can easily guess how many walking distances this saved and is still going to save to the lifting truck and the team.

Reinich just changes to the pallet fork, as some boxes have to be transported. Big spotlights comfortably light up the working space. After work is done, the G2200E X-TRA goes back to the charging point - just to be prepared for his next mission which will start just by a quick press on the starting button.

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