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Uni-Craft Corp.’s Ergonomic Lift & Turn Optimizes Palletizing applications

2021-11-24 09:32 Kind:转载 Author:mhwmag Source:mhwmag
Uni-Craft Corp. combines the unlimited versatility of Scissor Liftswith the ability to effortlessly rotate and access heavy products ...

Uni-Craft Corp. combines the unlimited versatility of Scissor Liftswith the ability to effortlessly rotate and access heavy products for the ultimate ergonomic lifting and positioning solution. Designed for use in palletizing applications, the Lift and Turnis a scissor lift with a manual turntable that can handle up to 4,000-pound loads and is capable of turning 360°.

The Lift and Turn’s travel distance ranges up to 72 inches, has multiple portability options, and the turntable platform itself can be rectangular, square, or circular depending on the application need. Strong and durable, the Lift and Turn features solid steel one-piece arm assemblies that range from 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch thick, depending on travel, load capacity, and portability selections. The low-profile design minimizes overall lift height, enabling easy and direct loading without the cost or need of a pit installation. Full 360° load access increases productivity by reducing unnecessary walking or reaching and allows operators closer contact with the platform to add or remove pallet loads. Ergonomically lifting and positioning heavy loads to manageable heights improves assembly control and optimizes worker safety.

The Lift and Turn seamlessly accommodates palletizing, assembly, or welding applications found in the automotive, steel, or manufacturing industries. When you need a reliable scissor lift, the Uni-Craft Lift and Turn can provide the ultimate ergonomic solution optimized for your application.

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