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Hyster-Yale stresses ICE availability and options

2021-06-15 10:02 Kind:转载 Author:Hyster-Yale Source:Hyster-Yale
Hyster-Yale Group has confirmed the uninterrupted production and EPA emissions certification of ICE-powered Hyster and Yale brand lif...
Hyster & Yale Forklift Jiangsu Service Centre

Hyster-Yale Group has confirmed the uninterrupted production and EPA emissions certification of ICE-powered Hyster and Yale brand lift trucks.

The reassurance comes hot on the heels of rival Toyota Materials Handling's suspension of shipment of some models of engine-powered forklifts. The forklifts, manufactured in Columbus, have been suspended due to delays in obtaining US engine emissions certification.

Hyster-Yale points out that with forklift power systems subject to strict emissions standards for internal combustion engines and demand for electric options continuing to grow, the company is positioned with a secure, emissions-compliant engine supply and electric options for a growing range of equipment.

The full complement of ICE-powered Yale and Hyster lift trucks are ready to be quoted, ordered and deployed to help keep supply chains moving.

"Just as the supply chain evolves, so too do lift truck power sources. Our role is to help customers navigate this evolving marketplace and work to preserve business continuity - and that starts with a reliable supply of ICE-powered equipment," says David Furman, president - strategy, marketing and business development, Hyster-Yale Group. "But that's only part of the story. As government regulation and market shifts favour greater electrification, we're pushing the boundaries of lift truck power with lithium-ion battery and hydrogen fuel cell options to support businesses as an innovative long-term partner."

The company's latest electric forklift products combine performance comparable to traditional ICE power with the reduced emissions and cost benefits of lithium-ion battery power that is not just a retrofit, but integrated from the factory.

In 2014, Hyster-Yale Group acquired Nuvera Fuel Cells, helping develop hydrogen fuel cell technology for use in both forklift equipment and other applications and industries. Nuvera debuted the E-45 fuel cell engine late last year to electrify commercial vehicle applications, capable of not only powering traditional forklift trucks, but heavy-duty container handling equipment at ports. Fuel cells only produce water and heat in operation, so zero harmful emissions.

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