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GREEN LINE Lift Tables : Bolzoni supports innovation and environmental sustainability

2021-02-22 09:21 Kind:转载 Author:Bolzoni Source:Bolzoni
Environmental sustainability has become one of the main issues on a global level, and in particular when it comes to material han...
Bolzoni Auramo Group Forklift Attachment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)

Environmental sustainability has become one of the main issues on a global level, and in particular when it comes to material handling the ecological awareness is getting stronger. More and more companies chose to be environmentally responsible and to invest in green solutions.

GREEN LINE is the Bolzoni green concept lift table range, with built-in ecofriendly technology. Here the lift table serves as a working station in a lawn mower assembly line.

Bolzoni promotes environmental sustainable research and innovation and presents its ecofriendly GREEN LINE Lift Table range with built-in technical innovations to improve efficiency and productivity.

For a lower impact on the environment, Bolzoni lift tables are available with biodegradable hydraulic oil on request, and are all provided with high-efficiency electric motors IE3. Lift tables are painted with water based nontoxic solvent free paint.

Built-in sustainable technology

Lift tables are manufactured in Italy, in a dedicated area of 5.000 sqm in the Podenzano plant. The Bolzoni SpA facility is ISO 9001 certified since 1994 and obtained the Environment Certification ISO 14001:2015 in 2006.

BOLZONI is a market leader in the development and manufacture of lift tables, and world-class specialist in forklift attachments and forks.

Since 1986 BOLZONI has designed and produced lifting tables for material handling specialists, with a full range of solutions, ranging from the ergonomic table to the dock loading bay.

In line with the European 2009/125/CE directive, Bolzoni is working to reduce energetic consumption, looking for ecofriendly solutions to improve manufacturing procedures and designing products able to reduce plant energy consumption.

Bolzoni designs a wide range of lift tables, with models and capacities suitable for use in production lines, for heavy duty applications, in assembly line as work station and, last but not least, in loading bay applications.

Thanks to their extreme safety and reliability features, these provide an effective solution to most lifting requirements.

GREEN LINE Line Lift Table 1E

Each individual application needs a customized solution. Here a GREEN LINE lift table at the end of a production line, to collect and stack the plastic sheet rolls from the rewinder machine.

Designed as a ''workstation'' this Bolzoni single scissor lift table provides improved ergonomic conditions to the operator. In facts, besides ensuring health and safety conditions, this lift table grants the best operator comfort, increasing productivity and efficiency.

In addition to the technical features of the whole range, this version includes:

Aluminum safety bar stops the descent of the platform in case of contact with obstructions

Single acting hydraulic cylinders equipped with hose safety valve, check valve and drainage.

Low voltage "Hold-to-run" type control box

Mechanical locks for safe servicing and maintenance operations

Removable lifting eye(s) to make easier handling and installation.


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