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Bolzoni Auramo: Green fingers for your flowers and plants handling

2021-01-15 16:44 Kind:转载 Author:Bolzoni Auramo Source:Bolzoni Auramo
In the next months, the coming spring will enormously increase the handling operations in all nurseries and garden centers.Potted p...
Bolzoni Auramo Group Forklift Attachment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)

In the next months, the coming spring will enormously increase the handling operations in all nurseries and garden centers.

Potted plants handling with fork positioner, or transported on a wooden pallet.

Cultivation of flowers and plants needs many kinds of manipulation and transportation of products, during the working process, from sowing, pricking-out, potting-up, and planting of flowers, plants and planting products.

At the end of the process handling of goods is needed to store, to transport, to load and unload of vehicles.Bolzoni Auramois able to fulfil the different need of material handling with a variety of products available in the range.

The right clamp for your planting material

To empty containers of waste material or to handle seeds bins. Here the KG-H fork clamp fitted with drum slip-on arms and the CG-S invert-a-bin holding the container on top.

To safely handle potted plants, limiting all risk of damage of dropping the valuable load, the most useful attachment is the fork clamp, in our Silver Line range, model LC-H. This unit is extremely robust and fit for hard application in the yard and in any weather condition.

The heavy pot can be gently clamped between the forks, lift and transported from the cultivation area to the store or to the lorry.

The same clamp can be used to handle and transport standard wooden pallet loaded with flowers, empty pots, bags of soils, fertilizer, seeds and other planting materials.

A 360-degree rotating version of the fork clamp, the Bolzoni Auramo KG-H model, can add other functions to the forklift. Rotating fork clamp can be useful to empty containers of waste material as well as of seeds or different kinds of grains.

In order to rotate bins with open feet, the Bolzoni Auramo Invert-A-Bin model CG-Scan help doing the work. The 360-deg rotating device will allow to completely and easily emptying the bins, the top hydraulic arm keeping the bin in steady and safe position during the operation. When the top arm is not used can be moved in an upper folded position and the forklift can be used with the standard forks to handle any kind of load.


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